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Sen. Tim Scott 'not rushing to judge' after FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago

FBI Mar-a-Lago Senator Tim Scott

Republican Senator Tim Scott was shocked after the FBI searched for former President Donald Trump'sMar-a-Lago's housein Florida, but rushed to make a decision. He said he would never do that. A Justice Department investigation into the potential mishandling of White House records.

"We need to do this to see exactly what will happen, but we should have been surprised and shocked by what happened yesterday," said South Carolina State Senator. Said on Tuesday at "CBS Morning."

Sources are related to the investigation by the National Archives of Japan that the search found 15 boxes of recordscontaining  . I told CBS News that it was.Classified material, in Mar-a-Lago. According to the National Archives, some of the records Trump submitted earlier this year were torn and taped together

Scott said whether the FBI "does their work non-politically" and precedent for the former president's house. No search "will raise more questions."

"It must be incredibly large, at least for my side of the aisle, to be justified. No, "he said. "Without that, I think we're going to get into a lot of confusion because it's related to the credibility of the FBI."

Scott's comment was before Trump's closest ally. Issued when attacking the FBI for targeting the president. For example, house minority leader Kevin McCarthy said that if the Republican Party wins a majority in the next midterm election, it will "immediately monitor this sector, track the facts and leave no problems." ..

The Justice Department and the FBI declined to comment. White House executives told CBS News that Westwing had not been informed in advance of the search for Mar-a-Lago.

Scott, who is running for reelection this fall, often appears as a presidential candidate in 2024. But he said he refused to discuss the president's wishes and was concentrating on the reelection campaign.

He is also the author of a new book, America, The Redemption Story: The Choice of Hope, the Creation of Unity, talking about his vision for the United States, talking about his relationship with Trump, and sharing his experience. I'm sharing. Escape from the mob during the January 6, 2021US Capitol attack.

Scott did not directly answer Tuesday whether Trump was the Republican's best candidate. But he called the former president the "loud voice" of US politics.

"And he seems to continue to do so," Scott said. "The more you focus on him, the more likely his supporters will gather around him ... the truth is that he is arguably the most powerful voice of all politics, and that Is why so many people continue to focus left and right About President Trump "

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