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Senate passes the most important gun control legislation in decades

Washington — Late Thursday, the Senate passes a bipartisan gun control bill Voted 65 to 33 for, the most important law dealing with guns in almost 30 years. 

Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn, who led the negotiations with Connecticut Democratic Senator Chris Murphy, was on the Senate floor Thursday, with the law on the final Buffalo, NYin the grocery store,in the Senate, Texas — Dead people, including 19 children who left a total of 31 – in a “positive and positive way”.

"I believe I'll do nothing in the face of what I've seen in Yuvarde, and I've seen it in so many communities," Konin said. "Doing nothing is a waiver of our responsibility as an American representative here in the US Senate." 

The bill is It will be returned to the House of Representatives, which Chairman Nancy Pelosi vowed to take up promptly. Minority leader Kevin McCarthy has asked the Republicans to vote against the bill, but is expected to pass the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives.

The bill does not represent all the gun control measures requested by President Biden, but it is expected to sign the bill. 

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Senator John Cornyn, Senator R-Texas, Senator Chris Murphy, D-Conn. , And arrive to meet the Senator. Kyrsten Cinema, Arizona will arrive on Wednesday, June 15, 2022 at the Capitol in Washington for bipartisan discussions on how to curb gun violence. J. Scott Applewhite / AP

Senate negotiatorsproposed a proposal earlier this month{ After announcing 46} and publishing the legislative text on Tuesday, Senatortook the first stepto advance the bill in a bipartisan procedural vote.

The law strengthens background checks for future gun buyers under the age of 21, closes so-called "boyfriend loopholes", clarifies the definition of federal firearms dealers, and buys straws. And create criminal penalties for trafficking guns. It also provided a $ 750 million grant to encourage states to implement crisis intervention programs, strengthened mental health services for children and families, and strengthened schools in the federal sector of approximately $ billions. We are providing funding.

Senate measures do not go as far as Mr. Biden asked for, andis this month's housePassed through. The law raises the minimum age for purchasing semi-automatic rifles from 18 to 21 and prohibits large magazines. It also encourages the safe storage of firearms and establishes requirements to regulate the storage of guns in residential areas.

The House legislation contained many of Biden's proposals, but there was ample Republican support to exceed the 60-vote standard for Senate legislation. Wouldn't get it.

Democrats involved in the Senate's bipartisan debate admitted that their proposals were more coordinated, but said the slimmed-down package was likely to receive Republican support. Stated.

The bill has been opposed by the National Rifle Association, and in a statement Tuesday, the proposal presented in the bill "restricts the purchase of legal guns and violates the rights of Americans to comply with the law. And use federal dollars to fund gun control measures adopted by state and local politicians. " 

Republican leaders also have plans for the Senate. It states that it is part of an effort to undermine the rights of Americans to comply with the law under Article 2 of the Amendment to the Constitution. However, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, who voted for the bill, said on Wednesday on the Senate floor that the bill would proceed with "a common-sense solution without rolling back the rights of citizens to comply with the law." ..

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