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Single mom says TikTok joke got her fired from school job

A single mother in Minnesota said she was fired from her school job after her 60-year-old colleague told her boss about a TikTok joke.

Nicole Johnson, 29, said that while she worked as a special education aid professional for eight years in a Minnesota school, she had a "non-professional" profile she created and posted on her social network. He was fired in May after the video was called by school administrators. In a recent TikTok video, her mother said media apps.

The problem began when Johnsonposted a video of her May 14th sipping her iced Starbucks coffee. Even though she is a child, she arrives at Starbucks every day. "

She was fired from her job five days after her and she had less than two weeks left of her school year," Johnson said.

A para-professional seeking a degree to become a special education teacher, she printed a picture of her TikTok on someone's phone. said he was called to a meeting with Ms. Johnson said she identified her phone as that of her colleague, who is over 60 years old.

Looking back, she said she was "stupid" for posting what she thought was a silly video.

"I put this TikTok of hers out there because no one thought to do anything with it," Johnson said in her Aug. 11 follow-up. said on her TikTok.

"I didn't think I was going to be fired because I didn't feel unprofessional. Not abusive, negative, or harassing. Literally I said, 'I can't get to work early, but I have Starbucks.'

Screenshot of TikTok video of Nicole Johnson, a young woman with brown air, holding a Starbucks cup with the caption "Me telling my coworkers there is no way I can come in early cause I have kids but yet I arrive with a Starbucks daily."

She bought a coffee. He added that he was never late for work when he went to work. she has a child of her own.

Management said the Starbucks video was disrespectful to Johnson's colleagues and that Johnson's use of the "FYP" hashtag meant "F you people." , claimed it was directed at a colleague.

The acronym is used extensively throughout TikTok to denote the app's "for your page."

The Starbucks video, which was viewed thousands of times, appeared to be the final straw leading to Johnson's dismissal.

Before posting the coffee clip, Johnson said: He said he took three weeks of administrative leave because of his previous TikTok, which he created in November.

These videos demanded justice for a niece who suffered a traumatic brain injury in the care of an unnamed man when she was little about ten years ago.

School administrators deemed the video to be harassment of a colleague and placed her on leave.

When she returned, she received an email from her manager about her attendance, and Starbucks after her TikTok, which eventually led to her being fired in May. HR claimed the video was a "slap in the face" against her colleague.

TikTok screenshot of Nicole Johnson, blond woman, smiling with the caption "POV your 60+ year old coworker turned in a photo of your tiktok to admin to get you fired."

Johnson describes her biggest struggle since her dismissal as her One student said she was gone.

"I can't say goodbye to my students, but they'll think I just left them," Johnson said on another TikTok. } Johnson, who was a union member, did not name the schools or districts where he was fired.