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Snake Island is free, but Byden still needs plans to break Putin's blockade

President Joe Biden
Despite the victory of Snake Island over Russia, President Joe Biden blocked Vladimir Putin's Black Sea. Reuters

Thursday, Russian troops flightfrom Snake Island after a prolonged attack by Ukraine, Expecting more grain shipments to pass through the Black Sea blockade of Vladimir Putin. Still, President Joe Biden needs a strategy to ensure thathappensand will continue to happen as long as this war lasts.

Ukraine's wheat exports alone account for 8.5% of the world total. They depart from the country's Black Sea port. Blocking these supplies from reaching the market through blockades can cause humanitarian catastrophes and worsen the stability of the global economy. 

Directly confronting the blockade is an option. US or NATO vessels could act as escorts for commercial traffic, significantly increasing Putin's cost of continuing the blockade.

This is probably the most dangerous move. But that leaves the first attack on Russia. Russia is currently experiencing two major losses in theaters. It is the sinking of Snake Island and its flagship cruiser Moskva. A brutalRussian missile attack on the coastal Serhiivka on Friday suggests Putin is in pain.

Snake Island
Via Reuters

There are other options in the United States. It may arrange for NATO members to offer Ukraine more harpoon anti-ship missiles. It can also support efforts to move grain by land to ports outside Ukraine, as some analysts suggest.

Whatever the plan, Washington needs to take clear and strong leadership here. Biden's dithering (MiG delivery and other issues) is already increasing the victims of conflict. 

Yes, there are risks associated with the conflict with Russia. But Western nations are afraid of Moscow's madmen and cannot allow the world to starve or the economy to collapse.