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Some top Democrats keep distance when Biden stops in Ohio on Wednesday

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President Bidenofficially announced on Wednesday plans to protect retiree pensions and prevent reductions in benefits for millions of workers and retirees. , Will acquire many companies to lead the Democratic Party of Ohio.

Cleveland, Ohiowill be joined by Senator Sherrod Brown, Senator Chantel Brown, Marcy Kaptur, and Mayor of Cleveland Justin Bibb.

However, the top two Democrats running for state-wide elections this year, Senator Tim Ryan, and Governor candidate Nanwelly, former Mayor of Dayton, are due to schedule conflicts. I will not join the president.

President introduces the launch of a program built on his American rescue program that passed Congress last year – White House has approximately 2 to 3 million workers Those who have stated that they will allow those who retire and those who face pension cuts due to investment losses in order to obtain the benefits they are set to receive at retirement.

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President Joe Biden returns a salute before boarding Air Force One for a trip to Cleveland to deliver remarks on the American Rescue Plan, Wednesday, July 6, 2022, in Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland.

President Joe Biden travels to Cleveland on Wednesday, July 6, 2022 to make remarks on the US rescue program. Return the tribute before boarding Air Force One for. Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland. (AP Photo / Evan Vucci)

But Biden's trip to Ohio – Sixth important general election since entering the White House The battlefield conditions that have been in the red in recent cycles – are due to his approval rate remaining underwater amid record high inflation and gas prices that are raising consumer anxiety. The timing wasn't even worse for Democrats who wanted to maintain a very thin majority in the House and Senate in the November midterm elections

for many years. Populist Ryan Ohio's northeastern parliamentarians have traversed the state in the course of this week's campaign, serving as a member of the House of Representatives on a short vacation on July 4. Ryan was confused on Wednesday along the Ohio River in the Jefferson, Maygs, and Athens counties in the southeastern part of the state, far from Cleveland.

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Senator Senate campaign, Ryan passes Butch Lewis Act with Senator Brown Emphasizing that it has spent years to do, the law was signed as part of the US Rescue Program to provide the relief announced by the President on Wednesday.

Rep. Tim Ryan answers a question during Ohio's Senate Democratic primary debate on March 28, 2022, in Wilberforce, Ohio.

Rep. Tim Ryan asks a question at the Ohio Senate Democratic Party Answer March 28, 2022, a major debate in Wilberforce, Ohio. (Columbus Dispatch via Joshua A. Bickel / AP)

"Thanks to Tim Ryan and Sherrod Brown's tenacity and dedication, more than 100,000 people Ohio people earned their hard-working pensions But the fight isn't over yet, so instead of taking a winning lap in this historic victory for Ohio workers, from Ohio people Actively campaigning across the state to hear in person, sharing the challenges they face, and how he fights for them like hell in the US Senate, "said Ryan Campaign's spokesperson. , Itzi Levy told Fox News.

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Prior to Biden's trip, Republican Senator Both Biden and Ryan aimed at by JD Vance.

"Tim Ryan has consistently refused to confront Biden to protect Ohio people from the economic challenges of inflation and murder. Ryan has worked with Biden on our economy. Today, but now, for the first time in two months, Ryan has refused to be seen in public with the president of his party. "

Senate candidate JD Vance greets former President Donald Trump at a rally on April 23, 2022, in Delaware, Ohio.

Senator candidate JD Vance is former President Donald Trump Rallyed in Delaware, Ohio on April 23, 2022. (AP Photo / Joe Maiorana, File)

Ryan's campaign is a vance from a conservative Ohio commentator that Republican candidates were absent. The track of the campaign since the Primary in early May in the state, which has pointed out recent criticisms of the state, is that Vance felt "out of place" in Ohio, and for the past two months, he has been here as a voter. Instead of trying to convince him of something, he argued that he was hiding in his home office and rebelled. But a complete scam. "

Whaley responded to a recentSupreme Court opinionoverturning Landmark's Roe v. Wade decision during a campaign in Dayton and Cincinnati on Wednesday. , Spotlighted the right to abortion. Southwestern Ohio.

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Wade wasn't, but the Republican Governor's Association, who appeared with the President, tried to tie her to Byden. I'm thinking. " RGA spokesman Chris Gustafsson claimed in a statement. }