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South African minister denounces Western 'bullying' of Ukraine

South Africa's Minister of International Relations Naledi Pandor noted the West's patronage of Africa when hosting US Secretary of State Anthony Brinken in the first round of the war. I accused him of having a bullying attitude. About his visit to Africa. Pandor made it clear that South Africa has a different view than the US about Ukraine, China, Israel and the Palestinians.

At a joint press conference in the South African capital, Blinken announced that his three He stressed that he was not on a country tour. After a visit last month by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

"Our commitment to a stronger partnership with Africa is not about trying to outdo everyone else," Brinken said.

Brinken also spoke of US support for Ukraine, saying that Russia's aggression was an aggression against the entire international order.
South Africa has remained neutral on the dispute with BRICS group partner Russia and abstained from the UN vote on the issue, but Mr Pandor said the country "hates" war and calls for an end to it. said he wanted. conflict.

However, she said that the international community's different approaches to different conflicts can "lead to cynicism towards international institutions." She referred to the plight of the Palestinian people.

"Just as the people of Ukraine deserve their land and freedom, so do the people of Palestine," she said. The Palestinian people are what is happening to the Ukrainian people. I have never seen an equal approach.

Pandor added that although it did not come from Brinken, South Africa had been under pressure from some parts of the West to go along with its policy towards Ukraine.

It also appeared to criticize the U.S. bill passed in 1999, "Laws Against Malicious Russian Activities in Africa."

There has been a sense of patronizing bullying: 'choose this or choose the other way.' And recently a law passed in the United States by the House of Representatives has made a very regrettable claim

Bob Wekesa, director of the African Center for American Studies, said that Pandor's outspoken remarks at the press conference were a result of closed-door communication between the US and South African sides. He said it showed the meeting "must have been very difficult". 1. "

"I think the US is trying to figure out how to get South Africa on its side, but South Africa won't be at the party," Wekesa said.

Brinken is in Pretoria to launch a new US strategy for sub-Saharan Africa, focusing on areas such as climate change, trade, health and food insecurity.

In his remarks on Monday, he also criticized Beijing's strong reaction to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan.

Pandor did not comment specifically on Taiwan, but said South Africa did not want to be a party to a dispute between China and the United States.