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South Dakota's Trigger Act prohibits abortion. Governor Nome says the focus of the state is "to take care of women"

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In an interview with "Fox&Friends Weekend",on Sunday, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem explained her decision to immediately ban abortion in the state. And the ban is "rights and freedoms for all life."

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem:It is important for this country to recognize that all life is preciousthink.This week's decision was to transfer this authority to a state currently determined by elected civil servants in South Dakota. The trigger method has already been enforced. Therefore, as of today,abortion is illegal in our stateand is only allowed to save the lives of mothers. 

Pro-life crowd outside the court reacting to the SCOTUS decision.

The crowd court responds to the SCOTUS decision. (Joshua Comins / Fox News)

And it's perfectly appropriate to focus on caring for women in crisis. think. See unplanned pregnancies, and what we can do to support them, so that those babies end up in a good, loving adoption home, or their parents become parents Helps. 

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