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A spokesman claims that Pelosi's "push" to Republican children was for herself.

Nancy Pelosi's spokesperson blamed the media on Monday for misrepresenting a video in which the Speaker of the House "pushed" a young daughter of a GOP member. .. Make sure the little girl is "not hidden".

Congressman Mayra Flores, Texas,leveled accusations in Pelosi at the end of Sunday after sharing footage taken at Congressman's oath ceremony last weekSocial media by conservative commentators.

"I hope that the daughters of Congressman Flores better communicate the speaker's efforts to keep her from hiding behind her in all the pictures of these important moments for her family. It's sad to see the "news outlets" you know. Drew Hanmil, Deputy Chief of Staff of Pelosi, wroteon Twitter.

The spokesperson then doubled and shared an additional video stating that Pelosi had shown that he "greeted Congressman Flores' children politely and talked about the room they were in." Did.

Floresretweeted the footage on Sunday night. Limit! !! " 

Nancy Pelosi stands next to Mayra Flores' daughter

" I am myself "I'm very proud of this strong and beautiful girl who didn't confuse her," Flores added to the photo session. "She smiled and continued to pose like a queen."

In the video in question, the speaker waved to her family minister during the oath ceremony to take a picture. While I was there, I saw Pelosi standing beside Flores' daughter.

Pelosi was able to glance down at the girl and see her elbows stretched out, as her child scooped up.

Nancy Pelosi poses with newly-elected Congresswoman Mayra Flores and her family
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It is not clear from the video whether Pelosi's elbows touched. No, but the girl, many conservative commentators, accused the speaker of elbowing Flores' daughter.

"I love this princess standing on her ground while Nancy is showing her true color," tweeted actor James Woods.

TV show host Benny Johnson tweeted, "Nancy Pelosi elbows the little daughter of new Republican Mayra Flores. What a witch she is!"