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Star Jones returns as new host for 'Divorce Court': 'I want it to be mine'

Veteran TV personality Star Jones moved behind the bench to preside over the"divorce court". Season August 22 (2pm to 3pm on weekdays of WWOR/Ch. 9), from a studio in Atlanta, via Zoom, Skype, and more, with a virtual audience.

Jones, 60, is her fourth judge in this iteration. Mablean Ephraim Judges,Lynn Toler Judges,Faith Jenkins Judges

Jones Follows 65-Year-Old Syndicate Staple New York City Murders The case's prosecutor, business executive, author, and of course"The View"'s original co-host (1997-2006) told The Post about her new TV job.

Did you have to take any special courses to prepare for the "divorce court"?

Remember, I had her own courtroom show ["Jones & Jury", which aired on her CNN from 1994-95. was the first black person to have a background. I did not take a special course on the "divorce court". However, I have done a series of arbitration and mediation clinics.

Ever wanted to go back to television?

It was not. I have spent the last few years working hard in the business and political arenas and raising political funds. I was in the car on my way to the airport to fly to Italy to speak at the Economics&Society's Women's Forum … when I got a call that this could be . I thought, 'If they think I can follow in the footsteps of great women like Judge Mablehan Ephraim, Judge Lynn Toller, and Judge Faith Jenkins, let's try. I was very honored.

What does your "studio audience" look like virtually?

They will really be my home jury. I think I'm feeding my audience — I'm so used to live TV that I treat this like it's live, even with tapings. Audiences give me tremendous energy. Throughout the season you practically see me refer to them (as opposed to litigants) as “fellow jurors.” You can see their immediate reactions and how they feel about the incident, including which side they believe. It was something new I brought to the table and I wanted to make it my own.

Photo of Star Jones when she guest co-hosted "The View" in 2017. She's sitting in the center of the table along with Vanessa Williams, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin and Sara Haines.
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What you need to prepare for each case.

You know me, I prepare like crazy, I think to the chagrin of the producers. Usually he records seven to nine episodes a day, so it's very fast-paced, but he prepares for all the cases the day before the shoot. Examine each factual pattern exactly what aspects of the law apply if you have a resource you want to bring, such as if you have an addiction problem and want to refer someone who has filed a lawsuit to a rehab center. I work with producers to see if they can provide assistance to keep families together...if there is an expert you would like to bring to get a little insight into a particular area , make those suggestions. I treat each case like a real case. If there was one thing I wanted to bring to the show, it was my own empathy... drama and/or trauma.

Your judgment is binding.

Think of it like arbitration or mediation. There are actually three ways to get into a "divorce court". You are a couple in serious trouble and have to decide whether to divorce. You may be engaged for a long time and for whatever reason your partner… does not set a wedding date… so if you are planning to make a decision or say no to it. I'm going to take this to the "divorce court". And if you are in a long-term relationship and even have children together and it never goes to the next level.You have to decide if you stay here or move on with your life there is.

Did you see one comment element in your case?

One thing that all couples have in common is that one party wants to be heard. They want someone to shut up their partner and listen to their hearts and minds for at least five minutes. want to be. And it's universal. Most of the lawsuits I've seen in this season were relationships born during the pandemic. I don't do what I was doing in the meantime anymore, so if I have the "strip club nature" as I like to say, I'll be back. At the club, the partner you got isn't really happy about it. This is something you don't see in many courtroom shows.I had to learn a whole new language.