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States with abortion rights expect a surge in out-of-state patients

Abortion providers assist out-of-state patients

The Supreme Court's decision to overturn the Roe v. Wade case  is a pending border struggle between states I set the stage for.have the opposite view of abortion. Washington has recently expanded its rights to abortion, but neighboring Idaho is ready to impose some of the country's most stringent bans.

Prolife protesters have been placed outside the clinic in Spokane, Washington. There are 40 abortion clinics in the state, compared to only three in Idaho.

"They are here almost every day," said Karl Eastland, a planned parent-child relationship between Greater Washington and Northern Idaho. "They are always intimidating employees and trying to badgers. We had protesters take the staff home."

In a statement, Governor Idaho praised the Supreme Court on Friday for defending "a newborn baby worthy of protection."

On the contrary, Washington Governor Jay Inslee said, "I'm going to fight like hell to keep Washington in a state of choice!"

Washington expects an increase in abortion cases by nearly 400%, according to the Guttmacher Institute. Planned Parenthood also added that nearly 60% of people who come to Washington for care come from Idaho. Others have driven from Texas for over 20 hours.

Two mothers, Elisabeth Keifer-Kraus, told CBS News that she was grateful that she did not have to travel to another state to have an abortion. She said her life-threatening condition ended her two pregnancies.

"Because I didn't have time, I would have been bleeding and dead trying to go to a place to help in a car on the side of the road, and that's the future we're facing. "Keifer-Kraus said.

According to the National Abortion Federation, attacks on abortion providers have increased by 128%.

"My husband said it this way:" How do you feel about 70% of the population working where you think you are a devil? " Nicole Weiss, a parent-child relationship provider, said.

The planned parent-child relationship between Greater Washington and the Northern Idaho Clinic was destroyed in July last year. Employees are now preparing for the worst.

"We have a local security director, working with the national security team, having contract security onsite, and to make sure we are ready. We are absolutely training and working with our staff, "said Eastland. ..

"I feel like the Doomsday Clock is ringing somewhere, but I don't know when it will go out. That's scary," said Sarah Dixit of Planned Parenthood Spokane.

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