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Steak is off the table: Inflation-tired shoppers are switching to chicken

New York (CNN Business)Inflation-sick shoppers buy expensive steaks at the grocery store to buy cheap chicken. I am refraining from switching to

Tyson (TSN), the meat-processing giant announced on Monday that "chicken "Demand is very strong," he said, but demand for the more expensive cuts of beef has softened.
, mean beef and pork prices fell as consumers resisted premium cuts. Meat prices have soared in 2021, but some items havefallen in recent months.

Consumer demand for meat remains strong, Tyson said, but consumers are shifting between meats due to inflation.

Tyson isn't the only company noticing changes in shoppers' buying habits. Consumers arecoping with the highest inflation in over 40 yearsand many are making trade-offs.
Kroger (KR) said in June that budget-constrained shoppers They have reduced the number of items they buy in stores,and have switched from buying beef to pork, preferring Kroger's cheaper store brands to big name brands.
Walmart (WMT) In May, some consumers purchased gallons of milk Switch from buying half a gallon and branded lunches and deli meats, bacon and dairy to store branded.
Treehouse Foods (THS)is a leading manufacturer of store brands for Walmart and other retailers. and also said: Private labels are becoming a more attractive option for inflation-stricken shoppers, said Monday.