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"Stop the Steal" organizers testify before the January 6 grand jury investigation

Washington— Right-wing activist and organizer of "Stop Stealing" Ali -Alexander testified in front of Washington. A grand jury on Friday in Washington, DC, said former President Donald Trump prior to the January 6 Capitol attack, according to a statement obtained by his lawyer and CBS News. About being involved in a supporting rally. 

"Stop the Steal" organizer Ali Alexander Livestream screenshots,

His testimony (which lasted about three hours) was that Trump asked his supporters to parliament after the grand jury summons in April sought information and documents related to post-election events. It was the result of calling for a march at the Capitol. Protest the proof of voting by the Electoral College. 

In a written statement, Alexander said he was "confident" that he was not the subject of the investigation, but a "witness of the facts."

Alexander permits a "Country under God" rally on January 6th on the grounds of the CapitolObtainedBut he says he was unable to proceed with the planned demonstrations due to the violence of the day.  

In April, a grand jury said it was investigating an "America First Woman" and "Saving America" ​​rally prior to a violation of the Capitol. Trump talked about ellipses at the latter rally.

"I didn't fund Ellipse equipment. I hadn't talked to the White House about security groups," Alexander added. 

Alexander also8 hoursAfter testifying, the House Election Commission investigating the January 6 riots summons Congress on the same issue. I complied with the condition. In his testimony, activists sought to convince the Commission that "it has nothing to do with the violence and law violations that took place on January 6," according to a prepared statement obtained by CBS News at the time. 

Shortly after last year's parliamentary testimony, Alexander sued the Commission and blocked Verizon's telephone record. 

Ali attends a former presidential rally as a "VIP guest" in a proceeding before a Trump supporter mob attacks the Capitol, and law enforcement agencies later escalate violence. He said he tried to help. An eruption occurred on the grounds of the Parliament building. He later contacted members of the far rightOath Keepers group and asked them to work as "ushers" at a rally scheduled for January 6th. I admitted. .. 

Alexander claimed that he had not been charged with a crime related to January 6, and was not involved in any violence that day. A spokesperson for the US Attorney Office in Washington, D.C., who leads the investigation, said he would not comment beyond what is in his public records.

Alexander's testimony is taking place during the progress of the Department of Justice's January 6 investigation. Earlier this week, law enforcement activities took place in relation to those who may have participated in efforts to use "invalid voters" to overturn President Joe Biden's 2020 victory. Federal agents have issued subpoenas to individuals associated with alleged plans in Georgia, Virginia, and Arizona, CBS News learned. 

And on Wednesday, law enforcement officialssearched the home of former Trump-era justice ministry official Jeffrey ClarkClark made an effort. Believed to be central To delay the proof of 2020 election results and promote unfounded claims that Joe Biden did not legally win the election, then President Donald Trump and his Allies' 

Friday's statement and testimony also highlighted the gap between the House Select Commission and the Justice Department investigators who wanted access to congressional evidence. .. In his statement, Alexander provided documents to federal agents and presented testimony to the Commission, but stated that he was unable to obtain records of the interview because of concerns about the separation of powers. 

At a court filed late last week, prosecutors gained access to all records and associated evidence that may have been collected to support criminal investigations related to riots. He revealed that he had sent a letter to the members of the committee. According to a letter from the Justice Department, the record of the interview, which the Commission said totaled over 1,000, "may be related to our overall criminal investigation," in a particular case already underway. It is related. But so far, their overture to Congress has been unsuccessful, and in part, the judge overseeing the Proud Boys conspiracy urged the trial to be postponed until the end of the year.

Jeff Pegues, Ellis Kim, Zach Hudak contributed to the report 

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