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Stranger Things fans crash Netflix after the release of Season 4, Volume 2

Stranger ThingsNot as powerful as a fan. StrangerThingsShortly after Season 4 was released on FridayNetflix, the streaming service crashed temporarily.VarietyReport. The last two episodes of the SF hit that fell at 3am today were many enthusiastic Stranger Things fans who signed on early (or woke up all night). Was not accessible) Stream immediately.

This issue has since been fixed and fans can make a fuss, but the crash has affected thousands of, which tracks website outages, found that Netflix experienced a surge in user complaints when a new Stranger Things episode dropped. is showing. More than 14,000 Netflix outages were recorded at 3 am (Eastern Time), but the number dropped rapidly as Netflix returned to orbit and fans returned upside down.

Volume 2's confusing premiere, Stranger Things Season 4's first installment broke the viewing record on NetflixIt will be done later. The first batch of Season 4 episodes, premiered earlier this spring, defeated the phenomenon of Shoda RhimesBridgertonand made its debut on Netflix's biggest premiere weekend in English series history.

 Stranger Things When Season 4 premiered on Netflix in May, it spent 286.79 million hours on its first weekend at Streamer. .. With the resurrection of the Stranger Things, fans are now able to see the old season again or watch it for the first time. Stranger Things's past season was pushed into the Netflix Top 10 shortly after the Season 4 premiere, with a maximum of 38.05 million hours in Season 1.

Viewers have been waiting for the latest episode ofStranger Things to be removed. The show last aired a new episode three years ago, but it's well worth the wait. Fans have been rewarded this season with someexcellent needle dropsand horrifying new villains. If you haven't checked out the latest episode of Season 4, you really can't make an excuse (after all, Netflix is ​​back in action!).

Stranger ThingsSeason 4, Volume 2 is being streamed on Netflix.