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Streaming or Skipping: Netflix's "Alchemy of the Soul", a Korean fantasy with a twist of comedy and young romance

Alchemy of the soul by the creators of Hong sisters, Jung Eun, and Milan(Netflix) (Hotel del Luna,A Korean Odyssey), A magician will take you to a magical land called a treasure that uses the power of the natural world. When the soul of her sword-wielding assassin was accidentally trapped in another body, she suddenly fell into her predicament of being unable to cut out her own path. 

Soul Alchemy: Stream or skip.

Opening Shot:Similar to Korean history in the Joseon Dynasty, a woman stops and walks in the rain in the village setting. She plans to give her son a sea urchin. All her sons are jumping on soul-changing monster pills.

Key points:Women may be desperate to save their only son, but it is unfair for innocent people to suffer, a powerful magic known as Joo Sang-wook. I'm a teacher. She seems to have put an end to her plans. Energy flies from his fingers and a pillar of smoke pushes the haunted boy into Lake Kyungcheondeho, where he turns into a stone. This is a typical result. Everyone knows that when the body collides with the soul it carries, it turns into a stone. At least that's what's happening around here in Oho, where a cool wizard like Chan manages magic and maintains peace. But preventing the dirty tricks of the common people is one thing. What if the aging and sickly king demands a little black market magic? "I am the king protected by the sky and you are the best mage in this country. Give this king another body." What can Chan do? He helps the man. But that doesn't go as planned.

Flash 20 years ahead. Shadow assassin Nax (Go Yoon Jung) faces Master Park Jin (Yoo Jun Sang) and his men across the vast frozen surface of the lake. In the ensuing battle, Park's army is hit. However, they manage to drive Nax into the city and hunt her down in her tavern, where she carries her soul to the body of a peasant girl named Mudok (Jung Somin) as her escape route. They have a Nax sword and body. But her soul is free to fight another day. She soliloquy, wondering about the weak and magical form of Mooduk and how she can get her sword back, a process that seems to involve many decapitations.

When Chang Wook (Lee Jae Wook) gave Mudok a job at his home, that was the motive behind it. As a student of magical arts, he felt the presence of Nax in her. (He's also a little crushed.) Chan cast a spell on Britain so that he couldn't cast it, and Britain wants to use the power of Nax to break it, his companion and companion. Students Dung (Yoo In Soo) and Seo Ha-sun (Kang Kyung Hong). However, the Dark Master of Nax plans to attack from a perch outside the town. They want to regain her body and her sword and are still targeting Master Park for execution. Will Nax soften her attitude towards her headslice in her life as Mudok? Does she agree to help Ji Chang Wook's spellcasting restrictions? Or will these two find a more general route to romance?

Alchemy of Souls Netflix Show
Photo: Netflix

Reminds you of what you see. Netflix also once again featuredon Mount Linjanon the fantastic adventures of young disciples into the Spirit Blade faction. And inThe Untamed, trans-star soulmates encounter mysteries and evil in the link to their destiny.

Our view:It takes a few minutes to understand all the terms. It is the same shadow assassin as the soul shifter. Can Mage achieve all the magic, or just some of it? But when thesoul alchemysettles in the ditch, there's a lot to enjoy. As an old guard at Changan, who has been capricious since the suffocating Master Park and the business of switching bodies with the king 20 years ago, he seeks to contain Nax, who has done considerable damage in her original form. Young princes roam Oho doing what the young princes do well. Meet girls, play pranks, generally eat crab platters and study in favor of visiting taverns. At first self-righteous, Britain was a curious soul and began to see more people than he allowed. Lee Jae Wook plays a lively British personality, away from Yoo In Soo's more comical Park Dong. And that's probably some of the biggest surprises aboutalchemy: this show is interesting. After all the fantasy screams and energy balls swirl, after a crystal spirit arrow formed from thin air, a magic bow and arrow, and a spell cast to extinguish the fire overtaking the buildingMu-Deok are pulling each other's faces as Soul Alchemynavigates their up-and-coming romance within the framework of the relationship between Britain, Master and Servant. When Britain fills a bath with hot water and then cools it, it puts quirky music in the queue. She looks at her frets and she blows her hair off her face as he sends it out for food. These two have a lot to solve. She is technically the shadow assassin that everyone is still looking for. But Uk and Mu-Deok are already a fun couple.

Gender and skin:None.

Farewell Shot:"Soul Shifter Nax, Shadow Assassin. I was looking for someone who could break this spell and call my master. You I want him to be my master. ”Given the murderous track record of Soul Shifter, Chang Wook is quite confident. However, the spells that prevent him from performing magical rituals are powerful, and he is also in love with Nax.

Sleeper Star:We will use costume design here. Alchemy of Soulsis full of gorgeous fabrics and shades, from honeysuckle jogoli and turquoise kima to vermilion and marigold-rich men's hanbok.

Most pilot lines:"Many have already seen Nax's body," Master Park Jin told his counterpart, Master Ho. "The word about soul alchemy will spread." It's hard to believe that it's been 20 years since Dejo last encountered the soul shifter, but now that the soul shifter has appeared, he'll be spilling blood. thinking. He is right.

Our call:STREAMIT. Soul Alchemywill hurt your fantasy itching – there are spells that pop out from side to side. However, there are many frivolous comedies as young people surround each other.

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