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Streaming or Skipping: Netflix's "Bastard !!", a moody leather love letter to heavy metal and dark fantasy

Heavy metal, sex, violence. Everything is here with a reboot of Netflix's latest 90's anime. a dark fantasy series that started as a manga and then debuted as an OVA in the early 90's. It is full of over-the-top Gore and lightly dressed women. It's also a love letter to heavy metal and dungeon&dragons, with references and puns to bands such as Anthrax and Metallica, and is drawn directly from the character's design and tropics. A popular RPG. In the world of dystopia in the series, the evil Dark Rebels are planning to take control and revive the Almighty Anthracus. It's all left to the wizard Dark Schneider, trapped in the body of a 14-year-old boy to bring order to the turmoil. It's great, not for the timid. one of Netflix's best anime ever.

Bastard.: Stream or skip.

Opening Shot:You can see the Earth from a cosmic perspective before the camera zooms in on the surface of the planet to reveal the bustling city. Humans in their daily work are amazed at the darkness beneath them, a strange and horrifying monster that appears to have been created from the actions of humankind itself. When a human launches a missile and attacks it, it moves through the city, but it doesn't make sense. This being is omnipotent, and with just a few attacks all humanity is on the verge of destruction. During the attack, you will see a winged creature emerging from the light, a human-shaped dragon with a sword. Two battles to destroy the continent. Millions die, but the dragon wins and the battle ends. Legendary battles are timeless, transformed into legends, and their meanings are confused.

Key points:The story takes place 400 years after the first conflict between the existence of darkness and light seen at the beginning of the series. The evil dark rebels are working tirelessly to revive the god of destruction, Anthracus. The organization descends into the Kingdom of Metallicana on the continent of Central Metallion and eventually dominates the world with the power of the Divine Right of Kings.

A young woman named Tia Noto Yoko, the daughter of the high priest, makes a difficult decision to prevent the kingdom from falling into a dark rebel army. She revives the evil wizard who once tried to rule the world. There is only one catch. He is trapped in his childhood friend Lucian Renren, a boy. A virgin kiss is needed to break the seal, and Yoko bestows it on a terrifying boy. Doing so will awaken Dark Schneider, a terrifying, powerful, and devilishly handsome wizard. Dark Schneider is the kingdom's last resort when it comes to protecting itself and keeping the world safe.

BASTARD‼ -Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy-
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Reminds you of what you a theme for all violence and adults, reminiscent of the best ofBerserkin all the right ways. In particular, it has a dark fantasy setting and the raw and terrifying power of the player. You can see what you can see by throwing programs such as Record of Lodoss War,Slayers,Ninja Scrollin combination with 80's metal. I expect it here. (And the original combination of animation and heavy metal, 1981 movieheavy metal)

If you didn't mention our take one of the strongest anime remake projects to date, and it's an amazing project for Netflix given that it tends to play safely with anime and the promotions behind it. The 90's OVA series still has a lot of charm, but the longer 13-episode series doesn't compromise the quality of the animation, and the dubbing is just as good, but it's a heavy hitter like the original Steve Bloom. You can't beat it. Wendee Lee and Mary Elizabeth McGrin. But a modern series that does everything and works to keep the original loyal to what is so loved by many fantasy anime lovers (and those looking for more violence and sexual hints). Nowadays, it's a little unusual. Bastard.was already a surprising acquisition for Netflix, but it's a series that classic show fans do right. This is probably the closest we get, as there is probably no otherBerserkanime.

Sex and skin:The first episode of bastard.isn't the most obvious part of the series, but it features Princess Sheila with a similar figure to the busty Tia Noto Yoko (although she's fully dressed), and her breasts It is almost completely displayed. Not worse than seen at recent Grammy Awards, but if your skin feels uncomfortable, this is a bit of a taste of what's about to happen. You will be absorbed in it.

Farewell Shot:With Dark Schneider unsealed, Yoko kisses his lips passionately, making him look like an evil wizard. is. It's just before he returns to Lucian. The same spells that can be used to seal Dark Schneider look the same as unsealing him: a kiss from a maiden. The pair departs to get Lucian's food, and Lucian considers whether Yoko "likes" it.

Sleeper Star:Ann Yatoko makes her best "boy" for Lucian. Not all voice actors can pull it off, but she does it with incredible courage. It's not surprising that she's been performed in blockbuster anime likeJujutsu Kaisen(hero Kaoru Naizaki) andGenshin Impact. Here she gives an unexpected sweetness Lucian makes the transition to Dark Schneider even more impressive and unpleasant.

Most Pilot Lines:In the midst of a Dark Rebel attack, Yoko remembers a conversation with her father, the High Priest of the Kingdom. He describes the only power that has the potential to save the world: Forced to cast this spell breaks Lucian's seal and awakens his second identity. I have a feeling.

Our call:STREAMIT. Bastard.encourages viewers to look for more content of this sort. This is because it is very unique and interesting, well, good. Someone who doesn't like heavy metal in animation. Unless a tall, dark, handsome wizard has something to oppose you, some may not think it's okay to hang out with them. And there are a lot of fighting fantasy creatures. Bastard has many attractions., and some. I hope this is the way Netflix will continue in the near future.

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