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Stream or skip: Netflix's 'Instant Dream Home' lets families completely redo their home in 12 hours

Instant Dream Homewith host Danielle Brooks (a familiar figure fromOrange Is The New Black) ), a team of designers, and a large staff arrive at your home at 7am to meticulously plan months in advance and completely remake your home in 12 hours. The design team — Adair Curtis, Erik Curtis, Nick Cutsumpas, and Paige Mobley — plans to renovate "headquarters" three months in advance. They created a large color-coded schedule board to plan who should do what and when. They do mockups and dry runs to make sure the concept works.

Instant Dream Home: Stream or skip.

Opening shot: A leafy suburb with the Atlanta skyline in the background. "Mission: Renovate a house in Buitekant. Time: 12 hours."

Summary: In the first episode, the team finds out that her mother, Bethuan, has owned her for over 40 years. A small two-bedroom bungalow, renovated house in Buticant.  Space is an issue, especially now that daughter Ruby-Beth and her husband Taylor (the person who submitted the house and asked for consideration) are about to have a baby. Also, Beth-Anne's vision has deteriorated to the point where she needs help to move.

Planning: lots of new paint inside and out, new furniture, a brand new kitchen leading to what Nick calls a "sensory garden" that makes the dining room his dining room again. Also, a small room is assembled to create a children's room. That's a lot of work. One of Eric's plans is to introduce his prefab kitchen with pre-installed dishwasher, cabinets, stove, and clapboards. One problem: if the joists cannot hold the load, the floor will collapse. Another problem: when they tried to run a dry run at headquarters, the whole thing flipped and broke.

Instant Dream Home
Photo by Netflix

What reminds you? Instant His Dream Home is essentially Extreme Makeover: Home Edition with an even more compressed timeline .

Our opinion: Instant Dream Home is designed to be a feel-good show. about how landlords will react. Families undergoing home renovation deserve such extreme efforts. Beth-Anne has been an activist for decades and has more or less raised Ruby-Beth herself, for example. The show wants to see the changes and how quickly everything is moved, painted, upgraded, and cleaned up.

Indeed, Danielle Brooks' endless positivity and contagious energy is a joy to watch not only to inspire design teams, but to reassure homeowners. Some of the banter between design team members seems forced, but it's generally lighthearted. It helps to get a little insight into the planning stages. Revealing is always the highlight of these kinds of shows.

But after reading about the problems people were having at the quick fix show, we thought the house would arrive. It ended up making so many shortcuts that it was often left in worse shape than when it was done. Best interests of the Buitekant family. Ms. Beth-Anne has just lost her sight and can barely walk around the old version of the house she has lived in for over 40 years. How will she find her way in this newly remodeled home? I think she will be annoyed that she doesn't have the old one.

And that kitchen. We don't believe the kitchen isn't attached to the wall using anything other than gum wrap and twist ties. what happens when you fall? We are not sure that what is done inside and outside the home will stand the test of time. In fact, I wanted to see how she cursed Beth-Ann not to find anything in her own home for the next twelve hours.

Aesthetic choices are usually bland in a show like this, but this is disappointing. was painted grey-green with bright blue and teal edging. Blair. All furniture comes straight out of the Restoration Hardware catalog. That little nursery had some great wallpaper, but no one seemed to have considered where this baby would sleep when he was older than a toddler.

Gender and Skin: None.

Farewell shot: Beth-Anne expresses how grateful she is for her renovation, then eyes a photo of her with her new grandson. to

SleeperHer star:Daniel Brooks is as infectious as her acting role as the host of Reality Her Show, stopping by and doing things. The perfect person to keep you moving.

Most pilot-like line: But it's funny that Brooks is labeled a "project manager." She wasn't involved in the planning of the project at all, and given the designer's failure, she isn't even dressed to sweat during the project.

Our call: Stream it. Without thinking too much, Instant Dream Home is a fun renovation series that transforms a home into a fine family. But it doesn't take too much thought to realize that these renovations may not be the best for the families acquiring them.

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