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Streaming or Skipping: Netflix's Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 takes the character world away and heads home

NetflixStranger ThingsSeason 4first chapter removed in May 2022 As soon as it was done, everything suddenly grew. The cast was throwing off the children in front of us. The episode run time has been jacked. The budget was wasted. And the width and depth of theStranger Thingsalso swelled. Hawkins, Indiana, Lenora Hills, California, Nevada ICBM missile silos, literally Gulag on the Kamchatka Peninsula of the Soviet Union: The storyline grows throughout the landscape, not even counting upside down shadow worlds. But let the Duffer brothers save their greatest move for Volume 2, which culminates in the fourth season.    

STRANGER THINGS SEASON 4 V2: Streaming or skipping.

Opening Shot:Immediately after the massacre at the Hawkins National Laboratory, we are back in 1979, when Season 4 began. The gate to the upside down where the power of Eleven pushed Henry Creel to His and Babur. Only this time, it was Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer) who witnessed the incident from within her vision.

Key points: Stranger ThingsAt the end of Season 4, Nancy, alongside Steve (Joe Keery), is at the forefront of rescue from upside down. I was on the front line. When Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Robin (Maya Hawke), Eddie (Joseph Quinn) and Vecna ​​(Jamie Campbell Bower) grabbed their hearts. Now, when her group searches for playing music that could get her out of the trance, an iron maiden cassette is offered. This is crazy because Vecna ​​doesn't look like Eddie, the band's scary mascot. – A malicious person formerly known as Henry Creel, inside HNL, Nancy shows his evil plans for Hawkins and the entire world. "I want you to talk to Eleven," he complains in her vision. "I want her to tell her everything you see."

Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) at NINA Brenner (Millie Bobby Brown) while Vecna ​​uses Nancy as his supernatural messaging service. Monitored by Matthew Modine) and Owens (Paul Reiser), it bends in the lab and with the return of her psychokinesis. She can return to Hawkins to see her friends and reveal her plans to defeat Vecna. She can also see how dangerous an idea is, given everything they don't know about his power and intent. But what Eleven can't see are Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Will (Noah Schnapp), Jonathan (Charlie Heaton), and the permanently stoned Argyle (Eduardo Franco). Boy pizza van.

The last time I saw Hopper (David Harbor), he was driving an improvised flaming sword through the dreaded Mau of Demogorgon. But Hopper, Joyce (Winona Ryder), Murray (Brett Gelman), and Enzo (Tom Wlaschiha) found a room full of indescribable experiments, so it turned out that the Soviet wasn't the only monster. .. And, towing Yuri (Nikola Juliko), they manage the escape from Gulag. The problem is that they are still on the vast peninsula of the Soviet Union and there is no way to reach the United States. Well, there is almost no way. Yuri hides an old and dilapidated helicopter.

At any cost, I decided to kill Vecna ​​before killing it again – "I have this terrible, biting sensation that this time it may not work," Robin told Steve. Talk – Hawkins' group steals Winevago and visits the army's surplus to prepare for battle. Cali boys approach NINA. Brenner then decided to continue experimenting with Eleven and use her power to communicate with Henry / Wang / Vecna, a silo for Colonel Sullivan (Sherman Augustus) and his men to sniff out Eleven. Even when arriving at, she tries to shut her down and his entire operation itself.

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Reminds you of what you see. Netflix's premature cancellation trend was especially terrible when streamers rejectedOAtwo seasons later. The multidimensional connection between Brit Marling and Zaru Batman Glee's tightly woven supernatural drama is just gaining momentum, and the bonds between its core character groups are becoming more and more vibrant. .. The OAis worth a look for theStranger Thingsfans who missed it. At least do it for Old Night, a giant telepathic octopus.

Our view:Will shows Mike the picture he made as they drive with Jonathan and Argyle to rescue Eleven. His friend is in front of a cohort of brave warriors, with three dragons pointing down. "You guide us," Will reassures Mike, who is worried about what role he will play in Eleven's life, now that she has regained incredible power. increase. "You are leading the whole party. That's what you do." It's a gentle moment among old friends, just like that defining the heart of theStranger Things. As for the scene, Will's painting is also a mirror of the Dungeons&Dragons campaign. Friends noticed that they were fighting wherever they were on the planet. Vecna ​​is a dragon. They are noble pioneers. In Indiana, Steve and Robin assemble a Morotov cocktail, Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) and Erica (Pria Ferguson) stab a spear, Nancy and Max (Sadie Sink) cut off a shotgun barrel, and Eddie. And Dustin rushed with a spear and a trash can. No matter how ridiculous they are, they have a plan. As you learned earlier this season, you may have to roll an icosahedron dice to take action.

The path to the convergence of the parallel narrative threads, as large as theStranger Thingsstretched in Season 4, becomes clearer in the revelation of Volume 2. It is becoming. And it's exciting. Watch all of these characters, which have long been dismembered, find a way back to each other. When they get home and return to Hawkins, where the big battle takes place, the time it takes to get here will be much more satisfying. 

Gender and skin:There is nothing here.

Farewell Shot:An elemental, echoed version of Journey's "Separate Ways" whispers in the soundtrack (Standing here, the world is in two Divided ...), Steve stops Winnie, Lucas, Erica, and Max from disembarking. With Bug Zappers in hand, they take their position for the fight to come. 

Sleeper Star:Stranger Thingsis a cast deep bench. However, Joseph Quinn brings Eddie Manson to life, changing the tendency of Eddie Van Halen's hair Hellfire Club dungeon master to act against his keen sense of humor, perceptual qualities, and apparent empathy. I was allowed to.    

Most pilot lines:"With each victim he takes" Brenner and Eleven in NINA's gut Tell Owens. Henry carves the barrier that exists between our two worlds. Given what she saw in her vision, Nancy would probably tend to believe him.

Our call: STREAM IT, obviously. There's a reason Netflix's server crashed temporarily when Volume 2 of Season 4 went down. The scale operated by Stranger Thingsis large. At least two worlds are big. And the gate between them can open wide and crack.

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