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Streaming or Skip: Netflix's "Marsamitchell Effect", a document about a woman who refused silence and pushed back to the president

Nominated for Best Short Film at the 2022 Sundance Film FestivalMarsamitchell Effect(Netflix) is the president's wife Nixon The lawyer's president and campaign manager refused to keep silent. Instead, Marsamitchell became a media figure in her own right, eventually becoming one of the first to publicly pin the Watergate scandal to the president and his inner circle. Many good things she did her. 

Marsamitchell effect: Stream or skip. 

Key points: In 1968, when Richard Nixon was elected the 37th President of the United States, Margaret Mitchell was with former Justice Secretary John N. Mitchell. I came to Washington. After being a partner of Nixon and having a successful campaign, the president just appointed his Attorney General. However, while Mitchells moved to the Watergate Complex and Beltway Society, Martha was not able to take advantage of the usual missions and etiquette of the "Cabinet Wife." Instead, she made expressive citations to the media and established a late-night telephone relationship with journalists and favored newspapers. After growing up in Ark's Pine Bluff, she became known as "Martha the Mouth" or "South of the Mouth," and the state senator was a little disliked. "I've always thought of William Fulbright, if you want to call him," she tells the TV moderator ofMarsamitchell Effect. He's either half as bright – he's now down to a quarter of the brightness.

Former White House adviser John Dean says the White House first enjoyed the attention Mitchell got, even though Nixon was known to hate "noisy women." increase. And in a relentless anti-press government, Mitchell saw her role as one of openness, and newspapers and pop media responded accordingly. Her longtime UPI reporter Helen Thomas calls her arrival in Washington a "bomb," and Mitchell, along with Lily Tomlin, appears in a sketch of the 1971 episode of Rowan&Martin's Laughter. increase. But when Thomas printed Mitchell's thoughts on the Vietnam War ("it stinks"), the problem began. No one supported the Republican faction. And she is certainly not a woman. Marsamitchell has been banned from Air Force One.

By June 1972 and the rise of the Committee for the Re-Election (CRP, or "CREEP"), Mitchell had become the target of the muzzle. In short, she was bound by a California fundraiser. On the night of the water gate invasion. The Martha Mitchell effectwas given a tranquilizer, a method forbidden to talk to the media, how her security details were left behind when Jon Mitchell returned to Washington. Explains in detail how to do it. "Without Martha Mitchell, John wouldn't have been able to handle the Watergate scandal," Nixon said in a White House tape. To turn the table to Nixon, his companions, her (soon to be estranged) husband, and her public silence, Mitchell's trademark, her candidness, will need more.  

The Martha Mitchell Effect
Photo: Netflix

Which movie reminds you? MarsamitchellCo-director and editor Ann Alberg is also the editor ofLove, Gilda(2018) and looks back on the groundbreaking comedian. increase. And the actress. And Julia Roberts played Martha Mitchell as her husband John N. Mitchell with Sean Penn in a recent Stars miniseriesGaslit 

Performance Value Watching:Mitchell's persona is a talkative Southern aunt, familiar with the insiders of Washington society, and tips for news production and accurate comic timing. Combined with. Now porting her, Mitchell is a favorite of the cable news cycle,late show with Stephen Colbertshe will certainly be aNew Hollywood Square fixture, that's it. If it was still a problem.  

Memorable Dialogue:"Washington," CBS journalist Connie Chung said of the Nixon-era capital: "It was a male-dominated city. It was run by white men in the White House and men at all cabinet levels." The Washington PostSally Inn agrees. "The woman who participated in the Washington social scene was a hostess. The woman went to another room and drank coffee while the man was talking about what was important, but Marsamitchell was playing a Washington match. Did not. "

Gender and skin:None.

Our view:There was no shortage of content surrounding the 50th anniversary of the 1972 Watergate scandal. John Dean was widely featured in the CNN documentary seriesWatergate: Scandal Blueprint, and Martha Mitchell's role was all adapted in the aforementioned Stars Miniseries. (In the wake of his recent death,Secret Honor, it is also important to mention Robert Altman's 1984 historical drama with Philip Baker Hall as Richard Nixon. ) A refreshing thing aboutThe Marsamitchell effectis a nearly abstract way of the Watergate case and the tactics of the President and his best friends. That point about how those forces combined to silence her is clear, and it supports her subject as a non-submissive woman. But it works well to do this in a short run time, infiltrating the social practices and comprehensive chauvinism of the era into Martha Mitchell's enthusiastic personality and talent for sound bite heroes. Weave it into the story. She saw her publicly responding to Nixon's role in Watergate ("this guy knew what was going on"). Fragments of vintage footage occasionally flow across the screen in a dreamlike way. This is a feeling nurtured by the gloomy soundtrack of the document. Throughout, Mitchell has appeared on talk shows, is bright, well-dressed, perfectly well-dressed, and stands up to meet the constraints of the times. The Martha Mitchell effectdoes not have to tell the whole Watergate scandal. You don't even have to give the big picture of Mitchell. But the picture it presents is a powerful part of the larger moment.  

Our call:STREAMIT. Although concise, theMarsamitchell effectis a powerful and sometimes fantastic document of a woman who refuses to keep the status quo of the times. 

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