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Stream or Skip: Netflix's Unsuspicious, Brazilian Comedy Where Playboy Dies and Everyone Becomes Suspects

Why do we love mystery capers where "everyone in this room is a suspect"? Because we get to play together and also get to see all of these characters cry when they're at their worst. New Brazilian comedies continue this tradition, featuring many characters, any of whom could be guilty of murder. 10} : Stream or skip.

Opening Shot: A man in a robe curses himself as he descends the steps of a mansion. He goes into the study and lays out his three invitations on his desk. "Scoundrel. Today is the day." The lights went out and he was stabbed in his back.

Summary: A few days ago, wealthy playboy Jorginho Peixoto (Paulo Tiefenthaler) sent an invitation to his mansion for the weekend. His first wife, Bett Olivera (Myra Azevedo) gets it, and her daughter Yara (Zi Uzeda) sees it as an opportunity to meet her father for the first time. Bet's older brother Akela (Silvero Pereira) and his mother Vo Zanina (Du Moraes) also want to visit the bastard.

His current wife Patricia (Fernanda Paes Leme) also receives the invitation, although Jorginho's brother Mauricio (Romulo Arantes Neto), who is also a lawyer, knows their dynamic. , which seems strange. She invites her yoga instructor/shaman Xandra (Gkay). Finally, his girlfriend Thyellen Almeida (Thati Lopes), the treasurer of a church he owns, is invited. She thinks he is ready to propose. Her composer brother Raul (Cezar Maracujá) is coming over for the weekend.

Of course, everyone was surprised to see each other at Jorginho's mansion. He gathered them there because his life was threatened and he was going to transfer property to each of them. The Olivera family is also shocked to see Bette's brother Darlison (Rafael Logam) working as Jorginho's assistant and best friend. But the assets he's transferring are also a surprise. For example, somehow Bette's house and salon are in his name after Akira borrowed money from his ex-brother-in-law. Patricia's family island is now named after him. And Tierren is shocked to learn that the church is a money laundering scheme. It's not easy for lead investigator Charles Nunes (Marcelo Medici) to assume that someone in the group did the deed.


What shows remind you of that? Unsuspicious (original title: Nada Suspeitos) is definitely a Clue or Mixes shades of Knives Out, The Afterparty and Only Murders In The Building.

Our view: Unsuspicious The first episode contains a very wide range of scenes, but the creators Cesar I have to offer Rodriguez. And Leandro Soares nailed most of the ensemble's personality and motives within his first 35 minutes.

It helps that the characters themselves are not particularly nuanced. The creators and their writers can tell the audience what the motivations of certain characters are...but in a show like this, that's fine. The idea is to play along and ride the inevitable twists and turns that mysterious capers like this always have, and see if you can figure out who did it. The first episode was funny. Partly yes. The show tries to maintain the single-camera style popularized in the United States. For example, Thyellen and Raul discuss the concept of "dress flip-flops" in an exchange that made us laugh. And since all the characters are so well defined by the end of the first episode, we expect even more interesting things to come out of their personalities. Some of the things he spelled out about how everything was included in his name were not very clear, for example, that the island in his name actually belonged to Patricia's family. I've explained above how we think it is, but we're not 100% sure.

Gender and Skin: None in the first episode.

Farewell Shot: After ruining the crime scene, Nunes tells the group that they are all suspects.

Sleeper Star: We liked Eliezer as Washington Rodriguez, the tireless butler, her motta. could he have done it? Do you know.

Most pilot-like line: Darlison says of Akela, "He's been cross-dressing since he was a kid." In 2022, that statement has been banned and Akira understandably told him, i'm a drag queen Please be respectful.

OUR CALL: Stream. I hope Unsuspicious is a little more interesting. Dig a little deeper into the characters to find out more about what Jorginho was hiding. But at least by the end of the first episode, the characters are pretty well drawn. I write about technology, but not kidding myself, I'm a TV addict. His writings have appeared in the New York Times, Slate, Salon,,VanityFair.comand Fast Company. It has been.