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Supreme Court Abortion Judgment: Fox Nation's Special "Overthrow Law" Jumps into US Abortion History

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Prolife advocates have been fighting for decades to protect their unborn baby.Roe v. Undoing Wade,advocates an accurate framework for legalizing abortion nationwide in 1973. 

Federalist co-founder and Fox News contributor Ben Domenech has a history that overturned decades ago and his newFox Nation special "Overturning Roe." Dive into the national debate over abortion.

"Looking at what Roe allows, we will obviously have an abortion on demand, at least until feasible, and depending on our thinking about health exceptions until birth. It's a banana. Other parts of the world. " Professor Charlie Camothy of Creighton University told Domenech in a special lecture.

"We actually have a barbaric policy because we are among the other seven or eight countries where even this kind of threshold is far away," he said. I continued. 

PORTLAND GRAFFITI Downloading Mob, Smash Window Following Supreme Court Abortion:'DEATH TO SCOTUS'

On Friday, the broader anti-abortion movement celebrated a major victory when the Supreme Court overturned the groundbreaking Roe v. Wade decision and returnedabortion rights to thestate. .. 

"I think a lot of people support the Roe v. Wade case, but when I actually ask people," Where do you support abortion? " Do you support unlimited abortions? Do you support abortions for up to X weeks? "And the Americans leaned further to the right," No, 20 weeks after the baby started to feel pain, I had an abortion. I don't support it. " Wire DC correspondent Mary Margaret Orohan said. 

"But these outlets are dishonest about how to ask people about an abortion in order to construct an abortion in the right way," she continued. 

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For other special guests , Americans United for Life President Catherine Glen Foster, Judiciary Crisis Network Chairman Carrie Severino, Former Citizenship Bureau Director Roger Severino, Missouri State Representative Mary Elizabeth Coleman. 

Domenech's special "Overturning Roe" is now available forstreaming on FoxNation. 

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