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Supreme Court Firearms Decision Puts Adams Fighting Crime Under the Gun

Mayor Eric Adams is doing a lot of work. It will get tougher and harder. Last week'sSupreme Court rulingupheld the New York State Rifle&Pistol Association, making it difficult for the city to keeppistols out of the hands of violent criminals. ..

For the first time, the court ruled that the Constitution "protects the right of individuals to carry pistols for self-defense," Judge Clarence Thomas wrote.

New York will soon need to begin issuing licenses to carry weapons to those who can pass basic tests.

You cannot be assured that only those who comply with the law will qualify. As Judge Brett Kavanaugh reminded us, New York can still rely on a "ban on felony possession of firearms."

This is naive. The Supreme Court has normalizedwith a gun. That means more people will do it.

When carrying a gun becomes a normal activity, you will carry a mobile phone with you. This is the way in the south and parts of the west. It is difficult to prosecute a felony for illegal carrying. Gun.

The law is certainly a law, but there are laws to enforce social norms. If throwing a pistol into a supermarket is no longer an antisocial or bizarre behaviour, a serious criminal with a weapon will no longer overturn social norms.

According to Justice Clarence Thomas, the court has ruled that the Constitution "protects an individual’s right to carry a handgun for self-defense."
Paul Martinka

This is seen in outdoor marijuana sales and substance use. increase. Both remain illegal. But people are doing it everywhere. We stopped treating this behavior as something that ordinary people wouldn't do — and so we lost the will to prosecute it. Even if

 finds a prosecutor who wants to prosecute for illegal gun possession, such cases are all of us. You will run into racialization. It will be difficult for the prosecutor to convince the jury that a young black man with a gun should go to jail despite a record of a felony.

After all, he would have  applied for a gun permit, but systematic racism made him a felony. Attorneys can also argue that young black men with felony records need to carry weapons much more to protect themselves from police. — Than whites. 

This is not fictitious. A group of elected lawyers across the statesaid after the ruling: It is legal in nearly half of the country.

Defenders want the "new gun control" to "counter the massive criminalization and imprisonment of colored races for unauthorized gun possession." 

Associate Justice Clarence Thomas
New York Times via Erinshaf / AP, Pool

Court ruling is far It is more difficult to prosecute a gun crime, as many guns are in circulation.

If a gun is legal and ubiquitous, people casually put it in the glove compartment and forget it at the gym. 

In New Orleans, a happy place for guns not famous for their low murder rates, firearm owners have stolen 2,100 guns in three years. — The gun was then used for crimes from murder to robbery.

Who protected those who comply with these laws — by failing to secure their deadly weapons. 

Okay, but most of New York City cannot be declared a "sensitive area". You can't carry a gun there.

Exception: "There is no historical basis for New York to effectively declare Manhattan Island a'sensitive place'," the court said.

The broad definition of "delicate" is brought back to court. You can "win" on New Year's Eve in Times Square, but you can't always win.

Adams said private companies could ban armed customers. However, performing infeasible patchwork falls into a racial trap.

New York "forgot" to have a gun, so it can't ease the white woman who brought the gun to the opera. She has a piece for his friend. 

As Judge Samuel Alito wrote, three judges who opposed last week's ruling said, "The ubiquity of guns and our high-level gun violence is New York law. "I think it provides a reason to keep it," but "it doesn't seem to understand that it's exactly these facts that make law-abiding citizens feel the need to carry a gun."

This dynamics has a much higher murder rate than the city of New York and works well in the rest of the country.

Conservatives are supposed to act pragmatically and cautiously, but here the courts "solved" problems that did not exist, causing major new problems for local civil servants.