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The Supreme Court orders lower courts to reconsider the dispute over abortion and guns after a blockbuster decision

(CNN)Thursday's Supreme Court sent three abortion-related cases back to a lower court, which the court reconsidered. did. Roev. Overturned Wadeand ended constitutional protection to obtain an abortion.

This move was last weekDobbsv. It reflects the dramatically changing legal situation surrounding abortion after the new Supreme Court ruling announced at JacksonWomen's Health.

In two cases involved, the state has passed a ban on abortions that are required solely because the fetus has been diagnosed with a particular genetic abnormality. After the Dobbs ruling last week, one of the states, Arkansas, has banned abortion altogether.

In Arizona, another state trying to revive the ban on misconduct sought due to genetic abnormalities, State Attorney General Mark Brunovich issued a 1901 law criminalizing misconduct. Vowed to revive, some clinics have stopped providing procedures.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court said on Friday that the court order to suspend the law in the case of genetic abnormalities was lifted.

The third case in the Supreme Court was about the notification law of parents in Indiana. Like Arizona, abortion is legal in Indiana, but state Republican leaders plan to reconvene Congress later this summer to consider additional anti-abortion measures.

Indiana was unable to implement the 2017 law due to a lower court decision citing the now abolished Supreme Court decision in support of the right to abortion. Underages who have successfully obtained permission from a judge to obtain an abortion must notify their parents before the abortion takes place.

The Supreme Court has decided on a major second amendment of the term to invalidate New York law that limits where people can carry hidden weapons in public, and they sit down. I sent some of the cases I was in to a lower court. Further deliberation.

The lower court will review the majority opinion of Judge Clarence Thomas, who has changed the way judges analyze gun law, and reconsider the previously decided dispute.