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Pickpocket surge, snatching driving criminal jumps in the subway: NYPD

New York Police Department statistics show that due to increased theft, the May subway crimeis compared to April. Overallincreased.

NYPD Transit Chief Jason Wilcox said wallets, neckchains, phones and other mobile phones are at risk of theft due to increased passenger numbers, especially during night hours. Said.

"More people have picked up some neckchains, not just mobile phones, and the chances of pickpocketing have increased," Wilcox said at a transportation committee meeting on Monday. Told to MTA board members.

According to NYPD statistics, there are a total of 219 felony crimes underground, including 108 large-scale thefts, 55 felony assaults, and 54 robbers. For comparison, in April NYPD reported 176 felony charges, including 49 assaults, 47 robbers and 77 thefts.

Wilcox states that theft cases increased by 200% during the night and midnight hours when "the rider falls asleep and wakes up with a shortage of items".

NYPD Transit Chief Jason Wilcox said an increase in ridership was putting purses, neck chains, phones and other handheld items at greater risk of theft.
Peter Gerber
May saw 219 total felonies underground -- including 108 grand larcenies, 55 felony assaults and 54 robberies.
Christopher Sadowsky

Night theft accounts for a quarter of all large-scale thefts, Wilcox said.

"We are focusing on this kind of crime. Our detectives are investigating these crimes," Wilcox said. rice field. "But if you drive a train late at night, ask your riders to be more vigilant in this area."

Subway crimes since the COVID-19 pandemic began. The rate soared — from 1.47 felony per million passengers in 2019 to 2.11 felony per million passengers in April 2022, according to NYPD and MTA figures.

The overall number of passengers increased in May, and the New York Police Department's new figures show that the crime rate per million passengers was again around 2.1.

Transportation officials announced last week that they have begun deployingcamerason train cars, where 53% of serious crimes occur.

According to the authorities, the initial deployment will include 100 vehicles. Cameras in the train will operate in a closed loop, allowing the NYPD to manually access the footage for up to seven days, officials said Monday.

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