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Prosecutors say the suspect confessed to shooting at Highland Park and attempted a second attack in Wisconsin.

Highland Park, Illinois — A man accused of killing seven people in July 4 paradeHe confessed in detail about the shooting — officials said Wednesday that he had considered a second attack.

Robert “Bobby” E. Crimo III, 21, has been charged with seven charges for one murder and dozens of people were injured in the Monday massacre in this luxury Chicago. As a result, you may face even more cases. Suburbs.

"He scrutinized what he did. He admitted what he did," Lake County lawyer Eric Reinhardt told reporters outside the courthouse. .. "We don't want to guess about motives right now."

Shana Gutman and her mother Edie Bear On Tuesday, see the scene on Central Avenue, a lifetime resident of Highland Park, Illinois. Brian Cassella via Getty Images / TNS

Kurimo confessed in a voluntary statement after remembering the right to remain silent, officials said.

After escaping from Highland Park, Criscowent to Madison, Wisconsin, where he encountered an event on July 4, a spokesman for Lake County's Major Crime Task Force. Said Criscoveli.

According to officials, he simply thought of unleashing the attack there as well.

"There is no information to suggest that he originally planned to drive Madison to make another attack," Koveli said. "We believe he was driving the first attack (after) and saw the celebration."

Covelli does not mention the specific event that Crimo considered the attack. Hmm. On Monday, afestivaland a fireworks show were held in and around the famous university town.

Defendants dropped their cell phones in Middleton, just outside Madison, and were recovered, officials said.

Asked what prevented him from attacking Madison, Coveli said: "He didn't think or study enough about it. "

Police said Kurimo was interested in the number 47 tattooed on his face while the investigators were still trying to identify the motive.

Authorities don't know why, but his digital footprint provides some insights.

In the video game "Hitman", the main character is Agent 47 , and there is a clip in which Kurimo is playing the game. Also, in some gang nomenclature, "47" is used to represent the AK-47 assault rifle. 

"He had some affinity for the numbers 4 and 7, and vice versa," could refer to Independence Day. there is. The judge orderedCLIMOto be held on Wednesday without bail.

Tuesday officials identified that six out of sevenkilledas Catherine Goldstein, 64. Irina McCarthy, 35; Kevin McCarthy, 37; Jacquelyn Sundheim, 63; Steven Strauss, 88; and Nicholas Toledo-Zaragoza, 78.

The seventh victim, 69-year-old Eduardouwald, was identified by the Cook County Medical Inspector's Office on Wednesday.

Klimo, arrested hours after rampaging, said he had scaled the emergency stairs with a ladder to make himself a sniper's nest before firing into the defenseless parade beneath him. Authorities said.

He reportedly planned an attack for several weeks and wore women's clothing to blend in with the crowd during his flight.

The image of the suspect, obtained by NBC Chicago from a senior law enforcement officer, appeared to be wearing a long-haired blue and white blouse.

Investigators said disguise was particularly useful in hiding tattoos on his face in the confused moments after the shooting.

"The community is still incredibly sad and sad," Mayor Nancy Rotelling told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Wednesday.

"I was shocked on the first day, but I'm working on it now. I'm preparing for a funeral."

Wednesday, ask a CLIMO lawyer for immediate comment. I couldn't.

Kurimo will return to court on July 28, and he will probably be prosecuted in August, Rinehart said.

"Because so many people were injured, more accusations were filed against the defendant," Linehart said.

"Every time he fires a bullet at an individual, he exacerbates the release of the weapon, whether or not he hits someone. There are even more accusations."

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Safia Samee Ali reported from Highland Park and David K. Li and Ben Collins from New York City.