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Suspect in detention after the deadly Illinois parade shooting on July 4th

3 minutes ago

Kurimo's uncle says there were no signs of warning

by Curt Devine, CNN investigates

The uncle of a man detained in connection with the shooting sees signs of warning that make him believe his nephew was involved in such a tragedy. I told CNN that I couldn't.

Paul A. "He looks like a suspect," Crimo told law enforcement agencies on Monday about his nephew Robert "Bobby" Crimo III.

"I hurt my heart. I am very sad," Paul said. "There were no signs of letting him do this."

He said he had never seen Bobby behave or worry about his actions. "I don't say anything wrong about him," he said.

Paul said he was unaware of the political views his nephew had.

"He is a quiet child," he said. "He is usually alone. He is a lonely and quiet person. He owns everything."

Bobby is Robert Climo, brother of his father and Paul. He said he lives in an apartment behind a junior-owned house. He said Paul also lives in a house in the city of Highwood.

He said he had never seen a friend come to Bobby's house. As far as he knows, Bobby worked at Panera Bread before the corona virus outbreak, but no job. Paul described him as active on YouTube.

"I go out with him, but I don't really like to get involved with him. I say hello and then when I leave I say goodbye. That's it," he says. However, he said he knew Bobby since he was born.

Paul said he last met his nephew on Sunday night when Bobby was sitting reclining his house and looking at his computer. He said Bobby was probably in his room when he got home. "Everything was fine," he said.

Paul said he spoke to the FBI around 2:30 pm. On Monday after he got home, they "passed me through the ringer." His brother, who was not at home at the time, gave law enforcement authorities permission to search the house, he said.

"We are good people here and having this is devastating," Paul told CNN, noting that his brother once ran for mayor. did. 

59 minutes ago

Robert E. Climo III was detained as a related party to Highland Park Parade shoot

From CNN's Jamiel Lynch

The scene where Crimo was reportedly taken into custody.
A scene where Kurimo is reportedly detained. (WLS)

Robert E. Climo III was detained near Lake Forest, Illinois, officials said in a brief press conference shortly before 8 pm.

Authorities found Kurimo an officer in North Chicago who was about to start a traffic outage. Kurimo escaped and led the officer to a short chase before stopping in Lake Forest, Illinois.

He is detained and taken away without incident. He went to the Highland Park Police Station. 

When asked, authorities said he called him an "interested person" while investigating and connecting him to the scene. 

1 hour 18 minutes ago

The video rings as people escape from the highland park parade shooting scene. Showing a bullet

From Amanda Jackson of CNN

Reinan Lorey, 19, when he heard the gunshot on Monday, Highland Park, Illinois. I was in his apartment overlooking the parade route. Raleigh said they were initially unaware that it was a gun battle and thought the noise was from fireworks.  

"I saw everyone looking confused and then running in fear," he told CNN. "Because I'm a photographer and a videographer, my instinct was to record." 

In the video recorded by Raleigh, gunshots were heard immediately and people fled the scene. You can see The video continues to bark (about 20 seconds in a one minute video) and you can hear people screaming.

After finishing the recording, Raleigh went downstairs and, along with his other neighbors, said he would put people in the lobby of the building to ensure his safety.

"I have never experienced this," he said. "You wouldn't expect this to happen."

He said police later searched the building of his apartment and shared the video he recorded with the authorities. ..

Watch the video:

2 hours 2 minutes ago

Senator Irinoi is high Land Park Community

From Chuck Johnston of CNN


Illinoisen. Tammy Duckworth said he is working to provide the Highland Park community with the resources they need, both in the ongoing search for suspects and in the weeks and months when people recover from the tragedy. ..

"My heart is aimed at families who will never meet their loved ones, and it is clear that they are Governor Pritzker and Mayor Rotering. I catch the shooter. Not only will they do whatever they can at the federal level to help Highland Park and get the resources they need, "Duckworth said. 

Duckworth said he was in contact with President Byden and Land Security Secretary Alejandro Mallorcus, and said he had promised to send the necessary resources.

"This morning, like most Americans, like a family of six killed, I woke up to celebrate the pursuit of life, freedom, and happiness. These six The family no longer has the opportunity, "Duckworth said.

2 hours 11 minutes ago

"No words" to relieve pain: Governor Illinois is the family of the murdered people Talk to Shooting


In a speech on Monday night after mass shooting , 6 people died, Governor of Illinois J. B. Pritzker told the Highland Park community "there are no words" to explain the loss and sorrow felt by the families of those killed this holiday. After the shooter fired during the July 4th parade.

"A family of six individuals woke up today and participated in a community celebration to celebrate the independence of the country. They tonight. I'm going to sleep. "He said.

"There are no evil words of the kind that appear at the public celebration of freedom of , hides in the roof, and is innocent. Shoot people Assault Trifle. July 4 Do not associate with celebrations To relieve family pain There is no word I can offer, but sadness instead Accompanied by , "added Pritzker.

The Governor said he spoke with President Byden, who promised federal support. He also said that the state of Illinois would make resources available to those affected by the shooting. Law enforcement agencies are still searching for suspects and identifying those who are interested.

" It is devastating that the American celebration was torn apart by our unique American plague," Pritzker said. "The day of free dedication, as a nation, completely rescued one freedom that refused to support. Our companion Citizens {Freedom to Live Without 279} Daily Fear of Gun Violence. "

2 hours 9 minutes ago

FBI Encourage the public to send shooting tips and information to a new web page

Campbell and Amandamsa from CNN Josh 

FBI On Monday, we established an intake platform where the public can upload digital information and tips related to deadly shootings in Highland Park, Illinois.

FBI-Chicago requires anyone with information about a shooting incident to submit to the following number: 1-800-CALLFBI

In addition, videos and photos can be submitted below:

FBI-Chicago According to the filming is still an active and ongoing investigation.

1 hour ago

Police are 22-year-old Robert E. Climo III identified as interested in highland park parade shooting

from Joe Sutton of CNN

(City of Highland Park)
(Highland Park City)

Highland Park Police Chief Lou Jogmen saididentified a person of interest, 22 years old. Robert E.Climo III is being searched for on suspicion of being involved in the mass shooting on July 4th this morning parade.

Kurimo has not been nominated as a suspect. CNN is seeking more information on why police have named him a person of interest.

Climo is believed to be driving the 2010 Silver Honda Fit and Illinois license platesDM80653

Many law enforcement agencies Working on his arrest.

He is armed and considered dangerous, officials said.

2 hours 44 minutes ago

Highland Park High school band and soccer team members are safe, the school district manager { Say 215}

. 216} From Joe Sutton of CNN

All members of the Highland Park High School band and football team (each attending the parade on July 4th this morning) Is safe, a statement from the school district director.

"All members and band directors of the Highland Park High School band playing at today's event are said to be safe. Highland Park High School Football marching in the parade Team members are also safe. At this time, there is no information about students or staff who may have attended the event, "says Bruce Law. 

At Highland Park High School, a statement states that tomorrow students and staff will have access to counselors. 

"Needless to say, yet another incident of gun violence caused irreparable harm and injury ..." the law said. "Please feel free to contact me if you or anyone in your family needs to speak."

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Injured victims ranged in age from 8 to 85, according to doctors

from CNN Chuck Johnston