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Suspect in detention after the deadly Illinois parade shooting on July 4th

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This is the latest development in the July 4th parade shooting in Illinois

At At least6 people were killed in a mass shooting at the July 4 parade in Highland Park, Illinois, about 25 miles north of Chicago

The suspect, identified by police as Robert E. Climo III, was arrestedafter being found driving after the shooting, leading police to a short chase, officials said.

The latest trends are as follows.

  • The video shows a police officer detaining the suspect:Delivery driver Ryan Rahman, he follows the news He told CNN that he was, and soon realized that Kurimo was suspected of driving, andcaptured the moment of his arrest in avideo. "It's like seven police cars appeared after he was there for a minute," Rahman said. In the video, you can hear the police ordering Kurimo to get out of the car. Police with guns are seen as Kurimo gets out of the car with his hands in the air.
  • Digital evidence helped investigators identify suspects. There are suspects in today's amount of digital evidencethat helped guide investigators towards the identification of Climo. Earlier, when law enforcement searched for Klimo, police labeled him "a person of interest." "I call someone a suspect or an interested person. This is really a synonym ... The investigation will continue. At this time, the accusation has not yet been approved. It's far from that. It's a journey. "
  • The injured are between 8 and 85 years old, the doctor said:A total of 26 patients were accepted at Highland Park Hospital,according to Dr. Brigham Temple, Medical Director of the North Shore University Health System, 25 of whom had gunshot woundsaccording to the Temple. Patients range in age from 8 to 85 years. Of the 25 ammunition victims, 19 were treated and discharged, according to Temple. Four or five of the patients were children, Temple said. Senator Tammy Duckworth said Monday thatfederal and state supportwould ensure that the people affected by the shooting were reached. "American plague," Pritzker said. "On the day of free dedication, completely rescued the liberated . We, as a nation, refused to support . Our companions Citizens are free to live without fear of gun violence every day . "Duckworth said he was in contact with President Joe Biden and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mallorcus.
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A parade in Illinois where six people were killed in a mass shooting on July 4. This is what we know.

At least6 people were killed and more than 20 were injured in a mass shooting at the July 4 parade at Highland Park. , Illinois. According to data compiled by the nonprofit organization Gun Violence Archive, which is tracking such incidents, there have been at least the 308th shootings in the United States this year.

Suspect, Robert E. Identified by police as Climo III,was arrested after a mass shooting and a short follow-up from police ended without further incident.

This is what we know about shooting so far:

  • Location:Highland Park, Illinois It is located about 25 miles north of downtown Chicago. According to police, the shooting started about 20 minutes after the parade started.
  • Shooting:Sgt. Christopher Koveli, Lake County's Major Crime Task Force, said police had recovered a "powerful rifle" on the roof of the company. Police say they believe the shooter was on the roof when he fired. Coveli said it was likely that he had accessed the roof from an alley ladder. Authorities have not disclosed exactly where the building is. According to Kim Nerheim, a spokesman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the firearms recovered at Highland Park after the shooting are urgently tracking who bought the weapon and where it came from.
  • Victims:Five people killed during the shooting died on the scene, said Lake County coroner Jennifer Parker. She said they were all adults. She added that another person died after she was transferred to a local hospital. Coveli said the audience and parade participants seemed to have been targeted. Dr. NorthShore University Health System. A total of 26 people were taken to the hospital and 25 were injured by ammunition, BrighamTemple said. At least 19 people were treated and discharged home. Victims ranged in age from 8 to 85, Temple added.
  • Witnesses:Some people who attended the parade told CNN that they initially thought the ammunition was fireworks. Zoe Pawelczak said she grabbed her father and started running when she realized something was wrong. Anotherexplained that the scenewas chaotic as people fled and evacuated.
  • Suspected Archer:The shooter was not arrested on the scene, and authorities later Robert E. We have nominated CLIMO III as a person of interest. Climo was found in his car by a North Chicago police officer, and led him away with a short chase before being stopped. He is detained without incident and taken to the Highland Park Police Station. Earlier, Highland Park police identified the suspect as 22 years old, but later FBI bulletins reported that he was 21 years old. CNN has contacted authorities for more information.
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Taking a violent image posted by the suspect

CNN From Jeff Winter Yahya Abou-Ghazala and David Williams

Suspected gunman Robert “Bobby” Crimo III posted an online music video that he believed he created. 

In one video titled "Are you Awake", Kurimo was seen with colorful hair and facial tattoos, "I need to do that. That's my. It's fate. "

This video shows a cartoon animation of a stickman resembling a klimo, wearing tactical gear to attack with a rifle. 

In another video titled "Toy Soldier" , a similar stickman cartoon character resembling a klimo, prone on the floor of his pool. The lying on the floor is drawn. Blood surrounded by police officers with guns.

Kurimo, who calls himself "awakening the rapper," posted his music on several major streaming media and personal websites. Facebook and Twitter accounts believed to belong to Kurimo were deleted after Kurimo was nominated for the shootings that killed at least six people. His Facebook profile picture shows that he is wearing a helmet with a camera mount, a face cover, and a colorful jacket.

On September 24th, he posted a video on Twitter, sitting in a classroom-like set, wearing a helmet, posing in various scenes, and instrumental "When Johnny Comes March". I played the arrangement. Background.

He hasn't posted on Twitter since October 26, 2021 when he wrote "I am not a robot".

In yet another music video song  Crimo titled "On My Mind" played in a classroom set full of desks, lockers and blackboards. increase. At the last moment of the video,  viewer See the shot of Climo reaching for a backpack before the music suddenly breaks. please give me. Next, you can see Climo wearing a helmet and a tactical vest and dropping a bullet on the floor. The music of the popular shooting video game "Call of Duty" is playing in the scene. 

The video seems to have been posted online last year.

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"I feel sick": Highland Park residents explain the parade scene

CNN's Jason Hannah, Adrian from Broaddus, Eric Levenson, Susannah Cullinane

Mile Z Allensky, who lives in Highland Park, Illinois, hears "pop" and the car When I thought it might have backfired, I told CNN that I was walking towards the July 4th parade.

"And there were multiple pops," he told CNN's Katylan Collins. "Maybe you've heard that there are about 30 pops in the guesswork. There was a pause in between, a pop set, then a second pop set. Central Avenue] was in a hurry, stampede. I started heading west, but that was against me, "he explained.

He added. Chaotic just, I'm not going to get into gun control politics , but if possible, it happens in the suburbs like Highlands Park. Peaceful and suburbs of Chicago can occur not only in churches and synagogues in , schools in , but also in any community in ."

Jeff Leon, 57, told CNN on Monday I heard he believed that gun control rang a few minutes after the start of the parade. It wasn't until I saw the officials react that I knew something had happened.

Zoe Pawelczak,Many parade participants,Pop arrangements were an opportunity He said he initially thought it was a firearm.

"And I thought something was wrong. I grabbed my father and started running. Suddenly behind Everyone started running, "she said. She saw the girl shot and killed, "she said. She said she saw one person shot in her ears and bleeding all over her face, and another girl shot in her feet.

She said, "It was like a fight. Zone, and I hate it. I'm really sick of it."

Read more about what witnesses saw here:

Contributed by CNN's Sean Nottingham, Bringinglas, Saramoon, and Dakin Andone.

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Illinois Senator needs to advertise new gun regulations and do more

From CNN's Jamiel Lynch

Monday's deadly shooting was an American tragedy, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin said Said during his visit to Highland Park. The parade and all the poor victims and those killed in the process break my heart, "he said.

The Senate's majority floor leader, Durbin, advertised the recently passedbipartisan gun billas an important step, but did not address it. Said there is.

"There is no reason for a person to own a military assault weapon. Hunting, sports, and even self-defense are worthless," he said. "It's a killing machine."

He said he was on vacation and drove for seven hours to reach Highland Park as soon as he heard about the shooting.

"The stories that have already appearedand some of them are something we will never forget. These wonderful people who just brought their families. See what happened to the parade on July 4th. What an American day. What American experience. And what continued the American tragedy, "he said.

Senator said it was a day people remember for a long time.

After praising the efforts of first responders, Durbin said: Fast rifle-and aimed at innocent people, ruined life and ruined many families in many ways.

Durbin also urged people to vote in the elections.

"If you're tired of it and think it shouldn't be everything in America, choose people who feel like you," he said.