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Suspicious death in Politico, NJ, teachers still focus on family: "difficult to keep encouraging"

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This is the second part of a two-part series. The first part is here Here 

Mark Sheridan he is in him The Skillman of his parents in New Jersey, who knew from the second walk to, thought something was wrong. 

Just a few days ago, at the end of September 2014, his parents (a beloved teacher Joyce Sheridan (69) and her 73-year-old husband Republican Politico John Sheridan) repeated. He was found stabbedin the bedroom, and then the couple set a barricade inside and set it on fire. 

One of the weapons used for the puncture wound was not found anywhere. And even though there was no fireplace on the second floor, there was a poker in the room. 

Death of prominent Politico, NJ, teacher remains mysterious nearly eight years later

"Our evidence strongly suggests that it was a double murder rather than a murder suicide."

— Mark Sheridan

Blood on the stairs to the second floor Covering the lower railing, blood splashes on the top of the stairs. Andinvestigators said the splatter was consistent with the attackat the top of the stairs. 

Still, within three days, authorities have decided to complete the crime scene process, frown and express concern among the mourning loved ones seeking answers. did.

Almost eight years later, they are still waiting.  

People file past a portrait of John and Joyce Sheridan into a memorial service for the couple at the War Memorial Oct. 7, 2014, in Trenton, N.J. 

People are John and October 2014 Joyce Sheridan attends a memorial service for the couple at the War Memorial in Trenton, NJ on the 7th  (AP Photo / Mel Evans)


Joyce and John Sheridan had four sons and created a "very intimate" and "very active" family. News digital.

"My parents were always around," he said. "My dad played a lot of big work and an important role. Still, he always took the time to attend sporting events ... they made it work." 

He explained that the mother was the "really responsible" and the father was the "easy" partner.  

"She was the commander-in-chief for the most part— she was able to line us all up as much as possible," he laughs. Said while saying. "My dad was calm, calm and gathered. My mother was more fiery and more annoying. She liked to make jokes. I loved mischief. 

Joyce Sheridan was a teacher for over 15 years before she retired. At that point, she "spent a lot of time on her grandchildren," knitting and gardening. I was working on such hobbies. Couple. 

In this July, 24, 2012, file photo, John Sheridan, president and CEO of the Cooper Health System, left, applauds with George Norcross III, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Dr. Paul Katz during an event in Camden, N.J. 

July 24, 2012, File Photo, John Sheridan, President and CEO of Cooper Health Systems, applauded George No Cross III, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and Dr. Paul Katz during the event in Camden, NJ.  (AP Photo / Mel Evans, File)

John Sheridan was in Camden, NJ before his deathCooper University HealthCare He was President and CEO of

Medical inspector overturns hospital leader suicide ruling

He previously After spending years in the state government, he worked with former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's transition team, New Jersey Transport Authority Commissioner, New Jersey Turnpike Legal Advisor, and New Jersey Deputy. Prosecutor General, etc. According to Obtuary and the report. 

The family – Joyce, John, his son, son-in-law, and most of his grandchildren – was Mark's birthday, a few weeks before the September 7, 2014 tragedy. I gathered at the couple's house for the sake of. I remembered. 

"[We] had a nice meal and spent a day with my parents. My parents are playing with my kids and having fun. It was a normal family gathering. Dad's birthday, "he recalled. "Probably it takes four or five hours to have dinner at home and spend time together."

He talked to them sporadically throughout the next month and talked to his mother that week. , He added.

In this Sept. 29, 2014, file photo, a Montgomery Township Police officer sits in front of the partially burned home of John and Joyce Sheridan in Montgomery Township, N.J. 

This September 29, 2014, file photo, Montgomery Township Police officers sit in front of a partially burnt house in John and Joyce Sheridan in Montgomery Township, NJ.  (AP Photo / Mel Evans, File)

"The last real meaningful interaction I had with them was his birth. It was September 7th of the day. "

On Friday, Sheridan explained," It's really hard to keep being encouraged, "despite the circumstances and elapsed time. 

"Frankly, we accepted the fact, which is likely to remain unresolved without a confession} "He continued. "I don't think there is a solution. There were many mistakes at the most important time of the investigation. 

" The only hope at this point is to have a confession. "

Sheridan's death subsequently became a topic of public and media scrutiny and became the subject of a localWNYC Studiospodcast investigating the situation. 

'Too many mistakes'

When asked if you have ever wondered if the version of the Somerset County Prosecutor's Office case is accurate. Mark Sheridan replied. -suicide. "

" Instead, we argue that there is insufficient evidence to reach that argument. All the evidence we have strongly suggests that it was a double murder rather than a murder-suicide, "Sheridan added. 

Just a day ago, a law enforcement officer in Somerset County explained the crime scene to his family during a meeting, but arrived home on Wednesday and found that it didn't make any sense. rice field. 

"The investigation was suspected on Wednesday after they died. Sheridan wrote in an email Friday. A forensic pathologist hired by a state coroner and family. When the famous Dr. Michael Baden agreed, he said their fears were confirmed: "They didn't have the knife used to kill my father." 

The bodies of long-time teacher Joyce Sheridan and her Republican politician husband John Patrick Sheridan Jr. were found in their home bedroom early in the morning of September 28, 2014. 

Police and firefighters received a call shortly before 6:15 am requesting a report of the fire at the couple's home in Somerset County. The fire broke out only in the bedroom on the second floor, and police officers found John and Joyce unresponsive inside.

The cause and manner of death as listed on Joyce Sheridan's autopsy report

Described in Joyce Sheridan's autopsy report Causes and Methods of Death(provided by family)

John was sentenced to death and Joyce I was taken to a local hospital, but I couldn't save it. The

case was initially sentenced to murder-suicide, and Somerset County investigators stabbed his wife in her chest before John Sheridan stabbed and killed his wife. Announced that he had killed.  

Deputy coroner Dr. Eddy Jean Lilavois performed autopsies at both Joyce and John Sheridan. Liravois determined that Joyce had been stabbed multiple times and eventually died of a "chest wound in the thoracic perforation aorta." He classified her death as "murder."

During that time, John suffered at least five puncture wounds. The causes and methods of his death were initially listed as "pending further research" and "pending investigation", respectively. Liravois later determined that John Sheridan committed suicide as a result of "sharp force injuries and smoke inhalation." 

The cause and manner of death as listed on John Sheridan's initial report

Method About John Sheridan's first report(provided by family)

But if there is no weapon used to kill John Sheridan, even Rila Voice It is said to have been admitted. A second opinion from Dr. Baden, officials eventually changed course and described Sheridan's death as "undecided." 

When asked what he saw as the most obvious and suspicious details surrounding the case, Sheridan had missing weapons, poker, and his father's alleged police disapproval. Pointed out one of the injuries. 

The NEW JERSEY AG office began its investigation in 2014. Death of a couple previously considered homicidal suicide

"Father had 5 rib fractures and straight bruise on his chestBut police ignored the four-foot-long wrought-iron poker found in the bedroom. " "There is no fireplace in the bedroom. Poker came downstairs.

" Finally, all the experts who examined blood splashes outside the bedroom said (as is) in the bedroom. A puncture wound at the top of the stairs just outside. " 

The scene of Joyce and John Sheridan's deaths, and a photo of the couple 

The Death of Joyce and John Sheridan Pictures of the scene and the couple  (Associated Press)

A few years later General criticism from adult children of Sheridan on how to handle the case. In May, a spokesperson for the law firm said the firm was investigating the issue and would "follow" it.

Mark Sheridan was called by a law firm around April or May, when the office began an investigation, but he wasn't. Since then, he has heard from everyone.

Spokesperson Stephen Burns wrote in an email earlier this month that "the investigation is underway and no further information has been released at this time."

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A spokesperson for the Somerset County Public Prosecutor's Office All inquiries were made by the State Public Prosecutor's Office in response to Fox News Digital's request earlier this month. 

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