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Leader of the Islamic Tullivan warns foreigners not to interfere with Afghanistan

(CNN)TalibanSupreme LeaderMawlawi Haibatullah Akhundzadaonce again to foreigners I warned you. According to state media, he interferes in Afghanistan during a rare speech at a rally of Islamic clergy in Kabul on Friday.

Recluse leaders told the conference that Afghanistan "cannot develop without independence," according to the state-run Bakhtar News Agency.

"Thank God. We are now an independent country. (Foreigners) should not give us orders. It is our system and our own decisions There is, "Akhnzada added. In a

speech, Ahunzada praised theTaliban takeover of Afghanistan, saying: Almost 20 years after being expelled from Kabul by the US military: It is a source of pride not only for Afghanistan but also for Muslims around the world.

The speed of hijacking just weeks after the withdrawal of the U.S. military began surprised the world and led to the dissolution of Ashraf Ghani's foreign-backed government. rice field.

According to state media, Akhundzada commented on a voice recording at a three-day religious rally with 3,000 participants. All were men. The meeting wasn't open to the media, but CNN heard a recording of Akhnzada's speech.

The rally in Kabul began on Thursday. Ahunzada is based in Kandahar, the birthplace and spiritual center of the Taliban, and is rarely photographed in public. No photos of Akhnzada attending a meeting that began in Kabul on Thursday have been published.

The Taliban's founding generation, the Ahunzada senior religious priest, was the Taliban in 2016 after the former leader of the group, Muller Aktar Mohammad Mansour, was killed in a U.S. airstrike in Pakistan. Was nominated as a leader of the Taliban.

He maintained his position when the group announced a provisional government in September.

Akhnzada excluded the inclusion of his past governments in the formation of future governments, but said he "forgave" them.

"I forgave the oppressors of the previous administration. I do not hold them responsible for past actions. If someone causes them problems without committing a new crime. I punish them, but forgiveness does not mean to bring them in to the government. "

This message contradicts the last few months' statements by other members of the Taliban's leadership who have expressed more comprehensive government openness in order to gain international support. It looked like.

The international community has repeatedly expanded the government's status to the Taliban and revived the rights of women and girls deprived of power after the group seized power, if desired to be officially recognized. I asked for it. The World Bank has frozen hundreds of millions of dollars worth of projects on this issue.

Afghan womenwill not be able to work in most areas and will require male guardians for long-distance travel, but girls will be in secondary school It is forbidden to return to.
The Taliban's deputy interior minister and co-deputy prime minister of the Taliban since 2016, Shirajudin Hakani, saidto CNN in May, the Taliban's unfulfilled pledge. He said there would be "good news soon". The girls returned to school, but suggested that women who protested the government's restrictions on women's rights should stay home.

At an emergency meeting in Geneva on Friday, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said, "Women and girls in Afghanistan have been for decades."

Priests Akunzada reaffirmed his commitment to the implementation of the Shariah Act, an Islamic legal system derived from Koran, expressing opposition to the "non-believers' way of life."

The harsh interpretation of the Shariah law when the Taliban finally came to power led to numerous violent punishments, including stoning, public executions, and amputations of adultery suspects.