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Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn: Complete Timeline of Their Relationship

The wedding bells of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn may be ringing.

Despite being very private about their relationship, rumors swirl that the couple has taken the next step andhas been engaged

A breakdown of the romance of Swift and Alwin. This has been strong since it was first discovered together in 2016.

When they met

A split image of Taylor Swift and Joe Alywn at the 2016 Met Gala.

Fans with Swift I believe Alwin first crossed the road when he participated in the 2016 Met Gala separately. At the time, the singer was dating Calvin Harris, but he didn't attend the event with her.

Swift seems to hint at her theory in her 2017 song "Dress". She sings the lyrics in this song, "Flashback when you met me / Your buzz cut and my hair turned white." In the Gala with the theme "Manus X Makina: Fashion in the Age of Technology", the actors attended especially with the shaved head of , and Swift appeared with the bleached blonde Bob.

To date, Swift has not confirmed that her lyrics are about Alwyn.


Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn holding hands after the BAFTA's.
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After Swift Harris broke up in the summer of 2016, and she and Alwin were excited to see her attending the same Private Kings of Leon concert in October of that year.

At the time, the fan accountvideoshows Alwin leaving the New York City venue where Swift was with her friends Dakota Johnson, Martha Hunt, Cara Delevingne, and Lily Donaldson. Was showing. It's unclear if they interacted during the show.

Latest News

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn walking in New York.
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The Sun first reported in May 2017 that Swift and Alwin had been secretly dating for months.

One source said she "flyed to visit British natives on a private jet, and her safety made it a military-like mission to keep her out of sight. "I told the outlet at the time.

Sources added that they both used disguise to keep the news of their relationship secret.

Swift used to get a lot of attention with Harris, Tom Hiddleston, Jake Gyllenhaal, Harry Styles, etc. before withdrawing from the spotlight with Alwyn.

Playing PDA

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn holding hands in 2019.
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First during your stay Under the radar of the duo, it was finally discovered in December 2017 showing some serious PDAs, further confirming their relationship.

After Swift played on the Z100 jingle ball,was shot hand in hand. Then, in March 2018, during a hike in Malibu,looked very cozy.

Witnesses said on page 6 of the time, "It looked like they were having a very intimate and deep conversation, even though her bodyguard was 20 feet behind." rice field.

That May, Swiftserenade Alwinat the first show on her "Reputation" tour.

Confirmation Station

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn holding hands in Paris.
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August 2018 The duo were able to get a glimpse of their relationship when posing in front of the same cactus in the photos posted to their respective Instagram accounts.

With a one-month change, Alwin finally confirmed that he was dating a pop superstar who had turned into a country, but remained his mother for more details.

"I know people want to know about that aspect of things," actor told British Vogue. "I think we've succeeded very privately, and it's now sinking for people ... but I really like to talk about work."

Engagement rumors swirl

Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift holding hands in Tribeca.
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In January 2020, Swift on Netflix When the documentary "Miss Americana" wore a giant diamond ring of on his left hand , the couple first caused rumors of engagement. Fans later believed that her pair actually tied the knot after she wore a wedding dressin her "Willow" music video.

However, Alwyn addressed chatteringin April 2022 in ainterview with the WSJ. The magazinesays, "The truth is, if the answer is yes, I won't say it, and if the answer is no, I won't."

Island Kiss

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn in January 2020.
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Another unusual move So, in June 2022, the couple discovered arocking lipwhile enjoying a romantic vacation in the Bahamas.

It was believed that the pair was staying in Lenny Kravitz's Airstream trailer

Love story

Taylor Swift and Joe Alywn in New York in December 2018.

June 2022,US Sun is, Swift and Alwyn secret for months He reported that he was engaged to and told only their inner circle about the news.

"It's basically a direct family and a very old friend you can trust," a source told the outlet. "Everyone has sworn a secret."

Alwin reportedly presented Swift with a "beautiful ring" that he would only wear privately.

Sources add: This is just for them. And if they make a vow, there's definitely no Vogue, Rolling Stone, or Hello. There is a magazine there.

Neither Swift nor Alwyn have confirmed the report.