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Teen committed suicide after escaping from the crash site where he killed his "best friend"

A teenager in Pennsylvania killed himself last weekend after escaping a car accident that killed a longtime soccer teammate and a close friend. ..

Three friends — Tyler Zook, 17 years old. Tyreese Smith, 16 years old. 18-year-old Amary Went was riding the Hyundai Santa Fe when Hyundai Santa Fe turned the road and collided with the East Lampeter Township field after midnight on Saturday, according toLampeter Online. rice field. According to the

outlet, Smith was traumatized and suffocated, and Went was hospitalized after a few turns of the car landed sideways.

Zuck was found dead a mile away from the scene by police about an hour and a half after the fatal accident.

The car wreck was determined to be due to overspeed. Police reportedly did not reveal the nature of Zuck's self-harm or death, nor did he announce who was driving the car.

Zook played football with Tyreese Smith for 10 years before the fatal accident.
Shivering funeral house

"Tyler spends time with his teammates He enjoyed both on and off the field. He also enjoyed hunting, fishing, spending time with his family and being on the beach, "his obituary read. "Tyler died prior to Lancaster's best friend, Tyreese Smith."

Zuck and Smith have been playing football together for 10 years and Lancaster's Conestuga Valley High School. I was preparing for the fall season. There, Zuck was just in third grade and Smith was in second grade.

Friends were also working as cooks at Sonic Drive-In, holding a watch at a hamburger joint on Friday night before the crash, said a mourning classmate.

Classmates flocked to a temporary monument near the high school. The monument had a cross made of school red and blue team colors, flowers, balloons, and a wooden board in the photo.

"They are hysterical," Patience Connor said of the pair when he stayed up all night on Monday afternoon. According to theoutlet.

Tyreese Smith and Zook were preparing for the fall football season when the fatal crash happened.

"They could make everyone laugh," she said on the web. Talked to the site and added her companion. "I couldn't do one thing without other things."

Amalie Wendt was released from the hospital after suffering injuries in the crash.
Amalie Wendt / Facebook

"[Tyreese] was very interesting," said his friend Carissa Rosa in tears at the monument.

"He was a really nice person. He loved to talk to everyone and was always there for everyone. And he was just the right person everywhere. He was always I was trying to help others. "

Connor and Rosa have often seen Zuck and Smith play video games and basketball since junior high school.

"[Tyreese] was always good at advice. He was there whatever he needed," Connor said. "You could ask him anything, whether he was down or not, and he will help you no matter what."

Get involved in a crash Went, a third teenager, was released from the hospital after being reportedly treated for a serious injury.

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