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A teenager accused of murdering a 15-year-old Philadelphia who got water from a family car and was shot in the head

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Two teens murdered outside Philadelphia's house for shooting 15-year-old Sean Toomey while carrying groceries for his family Is being asked. 

Last week, PhiladelphiaDistrict Attorney Larry Krasnerwas detained by Daniel Gardi and Sir Hill Teagle (both 17 years old) in March in Toomy. He announced that he would be charged with the murder on the 24th. 

Since then, two teenage suspects have been linked to an attempted robbery of a woman at an ATM and an attempted theft of a car from a parking lot in an apartment building. .. Residents explained that a hearing shot fired in the air on the same day was found lying outside a family home in block 6200 on Mulberry Street in northeastern Philadelphia, with a gunshot wound on his head. did. 

A 15-year-old child, who said his family had gone out and flooded his family's car, was taken to Jefferson Torresdale Hospital and injured in the next injury. afternoon. 

Four 9mm launch cartridge casings were recovered, but no weapons were recovered from the scene. 

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On March 29, Gardee told Miami Beach police that he had disturbed battery and peace, although he was not identified at the time as a suspect in Toomey's murder. I was arrested.  

A few weeks later, Philadelphia police responded to the incident on Airbnb, several firearms were recovered, and both Teagle and Gardee were detained. Teagle was arrested and charged with illegal possession of firearms, and his firearms were recovered by police, but were not identified as suspected in Toumi's murder at the time. 

Prosecutors said ATF agentarrested a man on June 9 in Philadelphiafor hijacking and related crimes. The suspect later provided information on an attempted ATM robbery with two of his friends on March 24. The April 14 Airbnb case helped investigators connect Gardee and Teagle's role in Toomey's deadly shootings. 

A photo combination of John Toomey speaking out at a press conference about his son's murder. On the right is a photo of 15-year-old Seen Toomey.

John Toomey's photo combination of his At a press conference about the murder of his son. On the right is a photo of 15-year-old Seen Toomey. (Press conference / Screenshot of family handout)

The third individual is unlikely to have participated in Toomey's shooting, with Gardee. It is not believed that he was with Teagle. Time, the prosecutor said. 

On June 13, the District Attorney's Office approved the murder charges of Gardee and Teagle, and Toomey's family was notified the day the arrest warrant was issued. At that time, there were no arrests. 

Gardi arrived at the Philadelphia Police Department on June 22nd. He was charged withmurders, plots, and related accusations related to deadly shootings. Teagle was detained in Camden County, NJ, under court supervision, and was to be transferred to Philadelphia for arrest and prosecution on charges related to murder, the District Attorney's Office said in a press release. rice field. 

In April, Philadelphia police asked the public for help identifying two suspects wanted for the murder of Sean Toomey. 

April, Philadelphia police are in general He helped identify the two suspects who wanted to kill Sean Toomy, who asked the public.  (Philadelphia Police)

The announcement was made by Toomey's father, John Toomey, and relatives of Philadelphia's victims of violent crime in the state council. It takes place after gathering at the amphitheater of the Capitol. At a press conference earlier this month in a building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania,Klasner was blown up and called for his expulsion over the heightened sense of lawlessness in what was once known as the City of Brotherhood {77. }. 

"It's all a responsibility. All we can do as people in this country is to raise our children as much as we can. That's all. That's the best we can do. And We demand something. Government – ​​Those who behave badly like this and those behind me should be put in jail. " 

"DA is held liable. It is not his responsibility to act as a lawyer for those in prison," added the father of the murdered boy. "He's responsible for us, this guy. This individual calls himself a guy. Who's going to bring him back-my boy. Let's impeach this son with b ****."

This file photo shows Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner after a press conference announcing Danielle Outlaw as the new police commissioner. 

The photos in this file are from the Philadelphia District Attorney's Larry. Shown after Mr. Krasner. A press conference announcing Daniel Outlaw as the new police secretary.  (Mark Makela / Getty Images)

In announcing the arrest and prosecution for Toomy's murder, Krasner is illegal against Philadelphia. We've issued a statement pointing out the influx of guns, but that doesn't mean we didn't keep the illegal gun criminals behind the bar. 

"Shaun Toomy, like all children, was a child full of promises and hopes. Mr. Krasner said in a statement on June 23," He has. The great potential was instantly extinguished by a stranger with a firearm. " To those who knew and loved him: Losing Sean's life is a serious injustice, and we are heartbroken and resentful at his death.

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"Philadelphia police and ATF for working on this complex investigation Thanks to law enforcement partners such as Philadelphia. Taken with a camera if unregistered and untraceable guns flow like water due to gun regulations that prioritize industry interests over people's lives. Seemingly random shootings that haven't been done or aren't seen by witnesses can be difficult to resolve, "Klasner added. In court for those who trigger and destroy lives, we also continue to relentlessly defend gun control, which is endorsed by the majority of Americans and deserves our community.

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