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Texas House committee recommends impeaching Attorney General Ken Paxton following investigation

A Texas House of Representatives investigative committee recommended impeachment for embattled state Attorney General Ken Paxton.

The Texas House Investigative Committee unanimously voted 5-0 to adopt articles of impeachment for Paxton on Thursday, according to FOX 4.

A vote on the recommendation could come as soon as Friday. 

In Texas, an impeachment from the House would require Paxton to leave his office immediately pending a trial in the Senate.

The committee vote comes as Paxton is under investigation in a corruption case being led by the FBI over accusations that the attorney general used his office to assist a donor.

He was also indicted in 2015 on securities and fraud charges, but hasn’t yet faced a trial.

Lawmakers are accusing Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton of misusing his office to help donor Nate Paul.
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Multiple aides from Paxton’s office became concerned that the attorney general was misusing the office’s power to help donor Nate Paul regarding unproven claims of a conspiracy to steal $200 million of his properties was taking place. 

Paxton also allegedly told staff members that he had an affair with a woman who worked for Paul.

In the articles of impeachment, lawmakers accuse Paxton of misusing public information law, using his office to help a donor, terminating employees who reported his “unlawful” conduct, bribery, misleading public officials, and more.

Aside from the committee voting to impeach Ken Paxton, the Texas attorney general was also indicted on securities and fraud charges in 2015.
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Paxton has previously suggested that the House investigation is politically motivated. 

Chris Hilton, a lawyer in Paxton’s office, told reporters on Thursday that the House investigators are “false,” “misleading,” and “full of errors big and small.”

The Attorney General tweeted Thursday, “Overturning elections begins behind closed doors.”