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A Texas man has been killing his neighbor for 45 years in a battle over his ex-wife and child.

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Aman in the Houston area was sentenced to 45 years in prison on Thursday for killing his neighbor in the daytime in his yard while standing with a dog. I was told. 

Hector Arturo Campos, 48, was convicted on January 24, 2017, for murdering 53-year-old Anaweed in the suburbs of Spring. Neighbors were involved in the feud that began when Weed took Campos's then wife and baby daughter to the airport and made it possible to travel to Mexico. 

It immediately offended Campos, who applied for her divorce, officials said. Family members reported that Camposabused her wifeand prevented her from leaving her home.

"Hector Campos is a violent and vengeful man who killed his neighbor just because his neighbor didn't get along," said Kim Ogg, Harris County District Attorney. He said. "My beloved wife, mother and grandmother, Anna Weed, died and her family was devastated because an angry man with a gun couldn't control himself."

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Hector Campos, 48, killed is neighbor in broad daylight amid a feud at began when she drove his then-wife and infant child to the airport so they could fly to Mexico, prosecutors said. 

Hector Campos, 48, Killed in a feud when she drove his wife at the time. The prosecutor said he was a midday neighbor and a toddler kid to the airport so they could fly to Mexico.  (Harris County District Attorney)

A few months after his wife left him, Campos was weeding in his yard. When I faced each other, I was washing the truck on the driveway. About his ex-wife and his daughter. 

When they began to insist, the little Weed dog ran away and barked at Campos, the prosecutor said. Campos tried to kick the dog. The weed that wrapped the gift to his grandson had a roll of clear tape. 

When she tried to get her animal back, Campos pulled out her gun and shot her, Ogg said. 

He later told investigators that Weed pushed him and wrapped a tape oflength around his neck, suffocating. rice field. 

"You have killed an incredibly precious person," Weed's sister Carmen Gillen said in a statement about the impact on the victims. rice field. "We cherish her memory and she will never be forgotten. She will live through her son and grandson."

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