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A few hours before discovering an immigrant dead, a Texas tractor trailer driver smiles at a border patrol checkpoint camera.

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In Texas,alleged tractor trailer drivers associated with the deaths of more than 50 immigrantsare just a few horrifying discoveries packed with dozens of bodies. It is said that he passed the checkpoint of the Border Guard before the hour. A court document was revealed on a large hot and hot rig on the outskirts of San Antonio. 

The photo shows Homero Samorano Jr., a accused human smuggler holding the handle of a tractor trailer smiling at a security camera as he passes a checkpoint from Mexico to the United States. Is shown. 

Zamorano Jr. is associated with what is considered the most deadly human smuggling case in recent US history, as the death toll increased to 53 on Wednesday. Is one of the four men currently being charged.  

A 45-year-old driver in Pasadena, Texas, said the United States tried to flee authorities by pretending to be one of the victims of a hidden brush. It has been. A lawyer's office in the western part of Texas. 


Sun Antonio police responded to 911 calls from relevant citizens on Monday night and found a total of 64 tractor trailers stuck in an industrial area suspected of being illegal immigrants. The Land Security Surveystated that at least 48 of these immigrants had been declared dead on the scene. 

Homero Zamorano Jr. seen smiling behind wheel of tractor trailer at Border Patrol checkpoint

Homero Zamorano Jr. Border Patrol Checkpoint Shooting a tractor trailer at(Mexico President Andre Manuel Lopez Obrador )

By Wednesday, five more people had died in a local hospital .. 

Zamorano, who reportedly had a long criminal history and was detained in a noble state, was accused of one alien smuggling and died.

If convicted, he will face his life in prison or perhaps the death penalty, the prosecutor said. 

According to criminal charges, a tractor trailer full of immigrants passed the US Customs and Border Guard checkpoints just three hours before being found by the side of the road. 

At a press conference on Wednesday, Mexican President Andre Manuel Lopez Obrador smiled while driving a tractor trailer at a U.S. Customs and Border Guard inspection point in Encinal, Texas. We have released a photo showing Zamorano Jr. Local time on Monday around 2:50 pm. 

Prosecutors said the Lared Sector Border Patrol provided Land Security Investigation Agents with surveillance footage of tractor trailers passing through immigration checkpoints.

In this aerial view, members of law enforcement investigate a tractor trailer on June 27, 2022 in San Antonio, Texas. 

In this aerial photograph, members of the law enforcement agency A tractor trailer in San Antonio, Texas, June 27, 2022.  ((Photo by Jordan Vonderhaar / Getty Images))

Republican Texas GovernorGreg Abbott on Wednesday, State Soldiers Set additional track checkpoints on the highway. In April, Abbott grids the 1,200-mile Texas border for a week by requiring all trucks entering the state to undergo additional inspections as part of an ongoing battle with the Byden administration over immigration policy. I locked it.

"President Byden focuses on dealing with the humanitarian crisis caused by his reckless leadership at the border, rather than attacking the diligent Texans and oil production jobs in the Permian Basin. We need to, "Abbott said in a statement Wednesday. "Lone Star will be lazy as the federal government chooses to ignore the historic crossing of deadly fentanil numbers from Mexico to the United States, human smuggling, and drug trafficking. No. Civil Security. Until President Byden decides to uphold the immigration law passed by Congress, Texas will have all the tools available to secure borders and keep Texas and Americans safe. I will continue to use it. "

Also, Christian Martinez, 28, who was arrested in Palestine on Tuesday, was charged with criminal charges. 

He has been accused of conspiracy to transport and kill illegal aliens. According to court documents, a search order was executed on a mobile phone owned by Samorano. 

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott joined state & local officials in Eagle Pass to announce the expansion of Texas’ ongoing border security operations

Texas State Government Greg Abbott is a state&I participated in the amplifier. Eagle Pass local officials announce expansion of Texas's ongoing border security operations(Texas Governor's Office)

Investigation results show Samorano It turned out that there was communication between them. Martinez said about the smuggling case. He too can face life in prison or, if convicted, a death sentence. Martinez will make its debut in Tyler on Wednesday and will be transferred to San Antonio for further proceedings, according to a US lawyer's office.

B-2 visawas admitted to overstay, and two Mexicans allegedly living illegally in the United States were also charged. 

Juan Claudio D'Luna-Mendez (23 years old) and Juan Francisco D'Luna-Bilbao (48 years old) are both Mexican citizens who were arrested on Monday and made their debut. According to court documents, the registration of the tractor trailer used in the attempted alien smuggling event has returned to San Antonio's residence. 

An officer in San Antonio monitored the residence and observed two men left on separate tracks. After traffic stopped on both trucks, the drivers were identified as D'Luna-Mendez and D'Luna-Bilbao. D’ Luna-Bilboa owned a handgun found on his center console. 

A search order was executed at the residence where the additional firearms were installed. Both individuals were found to be illegal in the United States and, in violation of Title 18, US Law, Section 922 (g) (5), by one criminal charge for illegally possessing a weapon by a foreigner in the United States. I was charged. If convicted, both defendants will face up to 10 years in prison, the prosecutor said. 

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Declared to have died on the scene Of the 48 immigrants, authorities are 22 Mexicans, 7 Guatemala, 2 Honduras, and 17 unknown but undocumented non-citizens (UNC). I confirmed that it was suspected. The Land Security Survey confirmed the undocumented condition of the deceased individual by using a mobile fingerprinting device.

Authorities are working with foreign consulates to properly notify the families of the deceased, the US lawyer's office said. 

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