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Democratic primary that may determine the future of abortion rights

The Supreme Court'sRoeruling is predominant prior to the state's August 9 Primary Association. Intensified competition among Democratic candidates. Take on Johnson. Their turmoil is that the party is concentrating on choosing the best candidates to harness the progressive energy of the High Court's ruling that has suspended the planned abortion process in the state. is showing.

"We need people who are willing to step up to get rid of filibusters and pass the laws of this country that we urgently need," said SenatorElizabeth said. Warren(D-Mass.) "We need a professional choice fighter."

WarrenAlexandria Ocasio Cortez(D-N.Y.) And the House of Representatives majority WhipJim Clyburn(D-S.C.) Assists Mandela Barns, Wisconsin A 35-year-old deputy governor who has led polls for months. But 34-year-old Milwaukee Bucks executive Alex Lasry has caught up withafter spending millions of dollars.

Not only that. 40-year-old state treasurer Sara Godrevsky and Outagamie County executive Tom Nelson, 46, fill the top tier of state candidates with an amazing Democratic primary history.

Beyond the ferocious Johnson and generations, all four candidates enter their third term at the age of 67 after defeating former Senator Russell D. Feins twice. Contrast. Each Democratic candidate wants to eliminate filibuster in order to maintainRoe, and no one believes in abortion restrictions.

The biggest difference between the two is the addition of seats to the Supreme Court. This is a liberal goal supported by Nelson, Burns is open, and Godrevsky and Rasley disagree.

Progressive CongressmanMark Pokan(D-Wis.) Agreed to have little separation of the quartet in abortion. However, the stakes for the Democrats are so high that all four are working hard to establish themselves as a key area of ​​advocacy for the right to abortion.

If elected, Burns, the state's first black senator, said his record in Wisconsin politics was "a very dear friend of the planned parent-child relationship. ". His wife's work for a planned parent-child relationship in Wisconsin says he will be able to see the fight for the right to abortion "on a daily basis". Godrevsky said he could more effectively prosecute Johnson as the only woman in the Democratic primary, and Nelson is promoting his reputation in an abortion group.

The race is clearly a nice Midwestern atmosphere, with candidates generally remaining publicly trained at Johnson rather than each other, but behind the scenes there is a lot of garbage talk. And the Democrats need to beat Johnson to have the hope of carrying out next year's agenda, and the leader is trying to keep it that way.

"If someone does something unfair, I will call them personally first, and if they don't stop it, I will call them publicly. I didn't have to do that yet, part 2, I had to do the first part a few times, "said Neutral in the Senate Primary," just peace. " I'm trying to keep it, "said Pokan.

It can become more difficult as the public's attention is directed to the four-way swing-state skirmish. In an interview, Burns keenly asked to nominate wealthy candidates like Rasley and Godrevsky to take on Johnson, a wealthy conservative businessman himself.

"If our claim to voters is that our millions are better than the Republican millions. I see it as a message of victory. No. People are fed up with millionaire clubs. They want the people of Washington to understand exactly what they are experiencing, "Burns said.

When asked for a reply, Rasley said he didn't want to attend the "side show," but he took a subtle shot himself.

"Voters are fed up with these career politicians who have no record of achievement. They are always looking for the next candidate," Lasry said.

Godlewski said he launched a campaign with an abortion access message, saying, "When I see others in this race, they I just made up my mind, "added Jab. To talk about it lately.

But if anyone is truly testing Pokhan's Peacemaker skills in the Senate primary, Nelson is running as the purest progressive.

"Defending a woman's reproductive rights in the blue part of the state is quite different in the red and purple parts of the state," Nelson said of his time in the legislature. .. "Mandela was there for two terms, but he represented one of the state's most democratic and elective districts. You see, Hoop Dido."

Burns Led the latestMarquette University poll, accounting for 25% of the 369 Democratic primaries, 21% for Rasley, 9% for Godrevsky, and 7% for Nelson. Some Democrats said that Fine Gold, which came out of nowhere in 1992, won the party's Senate nomination with a symbolicad claiming support from Elvis. 86} remembered that he had declared that he would never "bend"in the turmoil of his opponents.

In other words, state people warn that much can change in six weeks and that all four candidates appear to be competing with Johnson. In addition, more than one-third of the primaries are undecided, indicating that the Wisconsin primaries are under radar just five weeks before the election date.

"The race is much more competitive. Senator Ben Ray Lujan(D-N.M.) Said it was wise to stay neutral in the Senate Democratic campaign sector.

However, according to the candidate, the reversal ofRoe, and Johnson's anti-abortion position, and his staff misguided the electorate.Confusing Answers About Forwarding Notes January 6 — Bringing a messy primary to the forefront of voters' minds. Mr Burns has ever been on the day of the Senate's decision. He said he had the best funding day and told Johnson that he "embodied the stakes in this election."

"It really rocked the race," Nelson said. "The Abortion-rights have been defending for the past 50 years and are now attacking."

Johnson praised the Supreme Court's decision on abortion, but understood a particular abortion policy. He said it was up to the state to do it. This has proven difficult in Wisconsin, which has a Democratic governor, a Republican-controlled legislature, and an 1849 law restricting abortion. Godlewski said: "At the state level, this cannot be achieved. Therefore, our only hope is to do this at the federal level."

This is a direct flash from the Democratic Party. You will need. It will maintain the House of Representatives, protect all incumbents in the Senate, and probably win two seats, including Wisconsin. Among the most important political dates left on this year's Democratic calendar, the US dairy prime minister, as John Fetterman, who opposes filibuster, has already won a nomination for the Pennsylvania Democratic Senate. Will be.

"Unless you eliminate Ron Johnson, you'll never have a majority in the Senate," Pokan said. "We are all trying to focus on the prize."