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Democrats' big new $739 billion climate bill does little for climate

"TheInflation Reduction Actwill invest $369 billion to combat the climate ofmore than ever before. “We will take the most aggressive action ever,” said President Joe Biden at the White House on Tuesday just before signing theIRA. rice field. 

The IRA goes far beyond the giant numbers Biden quoted. This Leviathan, in a recession he will raise taxes by $739 billion, and at an inflation rate of 8.5%he will push up spending by $433 billion. This isa price appreciation level appropriate for the early 1980s 

IRA "aggressive actions" include: 

  • $160 billion in clean power tax credits  
  • $35 billion in clean fuel and vehicle tax credits. 
  • $27 billion in new EPA "Green Bank" as bankers are doing for agricultural nitrous oxide emissions
President Biden}
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Therefore, given this spending and activity, the IRA is certain to prevent global temperature rise. would reduce significantly. For all these billions, the IRA is like a giant air conditioner, cooling the earth like a whistling kettle before boiling.

That's right. Wrong. 

IRAs have subliminal long-term effects on projected warming. Its cooling abilities are, frankly, comical. 

Danish climate expert Björn Lomborg founded theCopenhagen Consensus Center, a sound science think tank. He has spoken, debated and broadcast extensively on so-called "global warming". His publications include False Alarm, Cool It, and Skeptical Environmentalist. 

Lomborg incorporated IRA measures into the United Nations global warming model. His resulting calculations oscillate between surprising and amusing.  

"The new US climate bill will do little to cool the planet," Lomborg explained on Twitter.  

How close to zero. 

"The impact of the new climate law," said Lomborg. "Obscure: 0.0009°F to 0.028°F in 2100. [0.0005°C to 0.016°C] $369 billion achievable small media explaining 

Wind turbines
Godofredo A. Vásquez/AP

In practice, the minimal effect of an IRA is like lowering a thermometer from 72 degrees Fahrenheit (room temperature) to 71.9991 degrees Fahrenheit. A similar temperature would plummet to 71.972° if the IRA worked all its magic. 

Billy Joel's immortal lyrics come to mind. 

Now imagine that the United States wants to take a hardline stance and lower the projected global temperature for 2100 by 1 degree hers. In the IRA's best-case scenario, $369 billion would allow him to buy a 0.028 degree reduction. So 1° costs $13.18 trillion. Worst case scenario: 0.0009 degree cut on $369bn. So a 1° decline would require $410 trillion. 

Please continue the tax investigation. 

Why such a pathetic result. Blame it on the IRA's meager temperature controls and the fact that other countries such as China and India refuse to do their fair share in cooling the planet.  

Imagine a cabin. Grandma is sitting in her rocking chair and fanning quickly. Meanwhile, her two raucous teenage grandchildren throw logs into the roaring fireplace, light a charcoal-fueled flame in her oven, and steam a pot of water. I will make ramen. No matter how furious Grandma puts her fan in her face, don't be surprised if it barely feels cool. 

Unless China and India stop spewing coal smoke into the air, the US will pass anti-inflation laws every decade, and temperatures will tumble by 2100. 

Smoke and steam rise from a coal processing plant.
Olivia Zhang/AP

Lomborg was As told to the New York Sun: If is net zero today and has been net zero all this century,by the end of the century only 0.3° The temperature will drop by F.

But the IRA is not really about fighting global warming. It means the Democrats have more power and control in their hands, more gravy for green donors, and he's unleashing 87,000 of his IRS agents to keep all taxpayers away. It's about squeezing out all the red blood cells. The  

IRA is also a 15-digit green new virtue signal that helps the left to show how much they care about the planet by sticking their heads out. Those who shake MIT's satirical bubbling beaver understand this perfectly. That's how it makes feel,'' 

Deroy Murdoch is a contributor for Fox News.