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Attractive reasons why cats are afraid of cucumbers and other foods

Fear can occur in any shape and size, from small spiders to existential crises, but it's far stranger to our pets. It can be something like that.

A viral video and issue have occurred. Pet cat jumps to see cucumber and seems to be empty to find out why.

Why are cats scared of cucumbers?

The content of the above video is simple and familiar to anyone who has used the Internet for the past 7 years. Unquestioned cats are scared of cucumbers.

Poor cats often jump a mile in shock or fear to humble vegetables.

Their reaction may be a combination of surprise and instinct, rather than an ancestral fear of cucumber.

Cats are very sensitive to their surroundings, and their ears and nose are finely tuned, so they jump when something suddenly appears.


When the owner sneaks the cucumber while distracting the cat Look back to find it they were surprised.

The extreme reaction comes from the fact that cucumbers are reminiscent of snakes.

Instinct is to animals  snakes are dangerous and need to react accordingly Tell — as a result cat horror reaction and viral video for the owner.

What else are cats scared of?


Cucumbers are not the only food that cats are not impressed with. Also, there are no bananas .

The cat's sense of smell is 14 times that of our cat, so a strong scent, such as a fruity scent, can be too great for a sensitive snout.

Bananas are not toxic to cats, but they can cause stomach upset and can lead to innate distrust.


Like the cucumber video, the banana has a vague snake shape. I am. If stopped quietly, the petmay be alarmed.

Banana peels release ethene as they ripen. Cats can smell and tend to avoid fruits altogether.


Famously, cats strongly dislike water — especially in the bath It gets wet.

Some cat friends love swimming. Large cats certainly do not hesitate to chase their prey into the water. So why is the sink so scary?

It may depend on how the water makes the fur feel.

Without a doubt, I know how I felt when I was hit by the rain. And now you have your hair slipped into your skin and it's soggy.

Cats probably feel the same!

They have to spend the next few hours grooming and drying — of course they want to avoid it.

Their reflexes

Sometimes the horror of water matches the surprised look of their own reflexes and brings horror.

Usually this happens to young cats looking at themselves for the first time.

They may think that this strange and odorless cat is an intruder into their home and scares their safety.

Even kittens and cats who have never seen the mirror may enter play mode thinking they have found a new friend.

This goes on over time and the cat adjusts and somehow begins to understand that the cat in the mirror is not the cause of the alarm.

This story originally appeared in Sun and was duplicated here with permission.