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Republican "Stop Eric Greatens" campaign officially underway

(CNN)Republicans are concerned that Eric Greitens could spend money on the Senate party There is.

Missouri's GOP Senate primaries took place within 40 days, so a new Republican group called Show Me Values ​​began broadcasting the firstadon Friday. He highlighted some of the scandals that Greitens faced. He served as governor. CNN'sMichael Warrenreports that the group spends more than $ 1 million on advertising.
As CNN'sSala Murrayreported this week, another external group led by former Missouri GOP Senator John Danforth is also stepping upactivities. Danforth said Super PAC had raised more than $ 5 million to hire independent candidates for the Missouri Senate race if the Greitens won the Republican nomination.
All this happened shortly after the news that John Wood would leave his poston the House Select Commission investigating January 6th this week. This is faster than expected. Some Missouri Republicans have recommended Wood, a former secretary of the Supreme Court of Clarence Thomas, who previously worked at Danforth, to participate in the race as an independent and conservative alternative.
The shortcomings of Greitens as a candidate have long been apparent. He resigned from Missouri Governorin 2018 after a series of ethical disputes and accusations of sexual misconduct. (Greitens did not admit legal misconduct and the criminal accusation against him was withdrawn.) Still, he was a strong candidate in the main area of ​​the crowded Senate.
But earlier this week he crossed yet another line for many in the party, ashe was hunting "RINO" (a Republican by name only). The drawn videohas been released.

This week, the Republican Party's active efforts to delay Greitens show that there is little room for error in the fight for the Senate, even in a political environment that widely supports their party. ..

Given the Senate's current 50-50 division, Republicans can dominate the Chamber of Commerce with a net reversal of one seat. There are many competitive races on the map, but no layups. In fact, the SenateCNN was ranked among themost likely to be replaced in November, and Pennsylvania is now a Republican. Therefore, they may not be able to afford to endanger the seats of credible Republican states such as Missouri.
And we know that even if basic voters are driven to vote in November, Republicans can't alienate abortion or suburban voters. Andgunsoften put the party on the other side of public opinion.
The Democratic Party revealed on Friday that the Supreme Courtis trying to make abortion a top priority of the campaign after overturning the Roe v. Wade case. And Republican Senator Mitch McConnell appeals to suburban voters in support of most members of his party and as part of why they voted in favor of the gun safety bill passed this week. I quoted that.

Points: Appointing candidates like Greitens only further increases the risk that Republicans will alienate key swing voters. For a party far beyond Missouri.