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Authorities are seeking the help of the general public for information after a black transgender woman was killed in Milwaukee.

(CNN)Milwaukee officials have asked the public to provide information related to the killing oftransgender black women. CallingFound dead two weeks ago.

Johnson, 28, of Brazil, was found to have been hit deadly in the city's Triangle North district on June 15. By the end of Thursday, authorities were still looking for clues to point to the suspect.

"We are outraged to hear that a young black transgender woman has died in our city," Alderwoman Jocasta Zamaripa said at a press conference on Thursday. rice field.

"In the light of Milwalky's recent celebration of pride, transgender black and brown women are reminded of the harsh reality of suffering a higher percentage of violence than straight women and lesbians. "Gay, bisexual opponent," she added. According to the

Human Rights Campaign, at least 19 transgender people were shot or killed in the United States this year. In 2021, the campaign tracked a record number of such killings, killing at least 50 transgender and non-gender-incompatible people.
Milwalky Mayor Cavalier Johnson wrote on social mediathat he wanted Johnson's justice.

"She was talented and loved. Attacks on her appear to be completely unjustified," he wrote. "I also want to end the violence against those who have been victims of hatred, discrimination, or ignorance. We recognize the existence of this violence and want to stop it as a whole.

Lieutenant Raymond Brachet, District Captain of the Milwaukee Police Department, could be an important lead in enforcing the case in every detail. I emphasized that. People can report information anonymously through theMilwaukee Crime Stopper.

Investigations are underway and the motive behind the attack is still unknown, Brachet said. It is not yet known if her transgender identity is tied to why she was killed.

Milwaukee County supervisor Peter Burgeris acknowledged the tense relationship between residents and the police station, but asked anyone with information to share it with law enforcement agencies. ..

"The Milwaukee trance community is mourning, they are suffering," he said. "Don't forget Brazil Johnson's name and her story, and find someone responsible for this. If you know anything, say something."