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Push and other commentary to push Joe Byden

I on Elex: Push to get rid of Joe Biden

"It's pretty clear that the left is organizing to abandon Joe Biden."is the powerline Stephen Hayward. Even "party insiders" are "openly littering to Biden," including "David Axelrod, the impresario of Barack Obama's rise in power." And no wonder. A new poll found that "71% of respondents did not want Biden to run for the second term in 2024." "Of course, conducting polls so that the media can call it" news "is the best example of what Daniel Boostin called a" pseudo-event. " Increase frequency and intensity ": Everything new gives the media and Democratic insiders" an opportunity to provide an "analysis" that is all pointing in the same direction. "

From right: Biden puts the army at risk

"The U.S. military is experiencing a dangerous decline in its combat capabilities," in just three months, "recruitment target. Theleft in the fiscal year, which reached only 40% of the "of", is worried about FederalistChuck Deboa. why? Biden's defense officials have imposed transgender awakened policies, "openly accusing the military of being white supremacists and defending white supremacists." "If I were 20 today, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to serve under a group of people who thought I hated me. International Social Welfare Agency."

Econ Watch: Things even more Deteriorating

"There is good reason to believe"claims Nouriel Roubuni in Project Syndicate, stating that "the next recession will be marked." Due to the debt crisis due to a serious recession. "Today's levels of private and public debt are much higher than in the past." Since the beginning of the pandemic, it has "especially increased sharply" and "is facing a supply shock." To make matters worse, even though "most central banks are tightening at the same time, which has reduced real and financial wealth and increased debt and debt repayment ratios," synchronized global. The possibility of a major recession is increasing. All this means that a stock market crash can approach 50%. So they still "have much room to fall" and "the situation will get much worse before it gets better".

Conservative: Dems's Unsuccessful Inflation Record

"Americans suffering from rising prices and the highest inflation in 40 years were given to them by Presidents Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. They need to demand results. They need to reject the policy failures of Presidents Jimmy Carter and Joe Byden. Reagan "by cleaning up the money supply with more goods and services." Defeated Carter's sneaky inflation. This also led to a "dramatic decrease" in the unemployment rate. The same thing happened to Trump. Trump's "Supply-side policies that promote sound and economic growth have been strengthened by the US energy self-sufficiency movement." Biden then "come in and immediately give up on all the policies that worked."

Crime Blow: Fills Sentence Commission Seats

The U.S. Sentence Commission says, "Currently, it's a virtual shell and only one of seven voting positions is filled. Is still doing important work, "valuable data on drugs, firearms and immigrants to help explain current crime trends,"told Tom Hogan of the CityJournal. .. "Information from the Sentencing Commission on the Epidemic of Methamphetamine" provides "Important Clue on the General Increase in Violent Crime in the United States" and "Statistics on Prosecution" of Illegal Immigrants Calls the South "Critiques from Both Parties" The border is "porous and at stake." The Commission has also conducted a long-term investigation into the recidivism of those who have committed federal crimes, and found that "almost 70 percent of firearms offenders" were "re-arrested within eight years of their release." Due to its valuable work, the Biden administration needs to consider filling the sentencing committee's voting seats with experienced candidates for clear thinking that can help reverse the violent crime surge across the country. there is". 

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