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Back in August, Samsung launched a very special edition of its cult-favorite TV, The Frame, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of The Walt Disney Company, and unsurprisingly, it sold out in mere days.

If you missed out the last time, or you’re just learning about the Disney100 Frame TV for the first time, we’ve got good news: The Frame – Disney100 Edition is now back in stock exclusive on Samsung.

The Frame TV is a 4K QLED TV with an anti-glare screen that, when not in use, has an art mode, allowing you to turn the TV into a piece of art hanging on your wall.

However, some magical touches make this Frame TV a Disney Frame TV.

First, it comes with a magnetic bezel (the addition that makes The Frame look like… well, it has a frame around it) in platinum silver — the Disney100 signature color. It also has a redesigned remote that turns three main buttons into a hidden Mickey and a unique Disney-fied screen when the TV powers up.

disney100 frame tv marvel
Photo: Samsung

But perhaps the most magical thing about this TV is the included artwork. This Disney100 Frame TV features 100 works of art from Walt Disney Animation, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and National Geographic.

So once you’re done streaming Disney+ for the day, activate art mode and display whatever you’re in the mood for, whether it’s a superhero scene from Marvel, a gorgeous nature rendering from NatGeo, a fantastic Fantasia-era Mickey Mouse, something from your favorite Pixar title — the options feel endless.

The Frame TV – Disney100 Edition is available now in three sizes exclusively from Samsung.

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