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‘The Show’ Episode 43: Steve Cohen Talks Mets World Series Window, Evolving As An Owner

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The WBC had a storybook finish with two teammates and faces of the sport going up against each other for the final out.

The story writes itself.

But now it’s time to turn the page to the MLB regular season, which is now just a week away.

The Mets and Yankees have some difficult roster decisions ahead: Do Anthony Volpe or Brett Baty make the cut?

It’s a big episode of “The Show” this week with Joel Sherman and Jon Heyman as Mets owner Steve Cohen joins the guys.

‘The Show’ Podcast with Joel Sherman and Jon Heyman:

  • WBC FINALE: Can’t ask for a better ending with Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout going up against each other for the final out. Ohtani could go down as the most talented player to ever play baseball. With the WBC and rule changes, baseball is very popular right now in the world.
  • VOLPE: Will Anthony Volpe make the Yankees Opening Day roster? He’s too much of an asset to keep off the field.
  • BATY: Does Brett Baty make the Mets Opening Day roster? He will play this season, but for opener it may be tough with Eduardo Escobar being the starter.

Steve Cohen Interview:

Mets owner

  • WBC: Unfortunate losing Edwin Diaz. The salary they get back they can use to potentially get someone else. If he returns, it would be late. The event itself was incredible for baseball.
  • METS PAYROLL: There is a limit for everyone. Inflation has been steep on superstar deals. They had to go out and add talent. If they need to add at the deadline to win, they will.
  • OWNERS: Had some good conversations at Owner Meetings with other owners. They don’t all have to be buddy-buddy, just have to be cordial and enjoy time together.
  • WORLD SERIES TIMELINE: Father-in-law is 92 and doesn’t have many years left. Would love to win one for him.


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