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The Verdict Is In: ‘Reasonable Doubt’s Sex Scenes Are Guilty … Of Being Extremely Hot!

Warning: Sexy spoilers from the first two episodes of Reasonable Doubt ahead.

Reasonable Doubt, Hulu‘s sizzling new legal drama, has the right to remain sexy.

The series is the first from Disney’s Onyx Collective, a content brand for creators of color and underrepresented voices. And it’s not only created by Scandal writer and Little Fires Everywhere producer Rammala Mohamed, it also has Kerry Washington onboard as EP and director. If you loved Scandal‘s sexy, soapy moments, or if you’re just craving a fresh steamy show, Reasonable Doubt is here to quench your thirst.

The drama follows Los Angeles attorney Jax Stewart (Emayatzy Corinealdi) as she juggles a high-profile murder trial with the challenges of marriage, motherhood, and morality. When we’re first introduced to Jax, she’s tied to a chair at gunpoint, furiously praying for mercy. After a shot rings out, the series rewinds six months and we see her living a normal day, which starts with an energy shot, an intense run, and a self-pleasure sesh in the shower. The premiere reveals Jax and her handsome hubby Lewis (McKinley Freeman) are newly separated; she has the hots for her home security guard Will (Toby Onwumere); and she shares a mysterious history (and heaps of sexual tension) with Damon Cook (Michael Ealy), a former client in prison for a murder he didn’t commit. These complex romantic connections beget some of the show’s most sensual scenes.

Emayatzy Corinealdi in 'Reasonable Doubt'
Photo: Hulu

Whether Jax is getting fingered in the passenger seat of her husband’s car or having couch sex with her overnight guard while staring directly into her home security camera so that same husband can watch, she’s one of the most sex positive characters on TV at the moment.

Episode 2, finds Jax and Lewis hooking up in their home after a night out, and after ripping each other’s clothes off in the entryway, Lewis performs oral sex on Jax. They’re about to get hot and heavy, but when he calls out her affair by leading her to the same spot she had sex with Will, their passionate tryst turns into a quarrel. “You started this game,” Lewis snaps. “You wanted a show, so I gave you a show,” Jax replies.

Emayatzy Corinealdi and McKinley Freeman in 'Reasonable Doubt'
Photo: Hulu

Though Jax’s marriage could clearly use some work, she’s a responsible, caring mother with a sharp legal mind. But in her personal and professional lives, she doesn’t always play by — or even respect — the rules. The defense attorney in her has a sweet spot for criminals, which gives her a deliciously dangerous edge and leads to a string of ethically questionable decisions. Enter: Damon Cook, who Jax’s assistant nicknames “the OG prison bae.”

Whenever Jax and Damon share the screen, you’ll be mesmerized by the tantalizing possibility that, should he be granted parole, their slow-burn sparks might one day explode into full-blown fireworks. Corinealdi and Ealy have palpable chemistry, and her stunning smile and his piercing blue eyes serve as constant reminders that Reasonable Doubt‘s cast is distractingly attractive.

Emayatzy Corinealdi and Michael Ealy in 'Reasonable Doubt'
Photo: Hulu

Reasonable Doubt‘s sexiness doesn’t simply stem from physical intimacy or a gorgeous cast. As a character, Jax exudes confidence, commands every room, and is rarely in search of a snappy comeback. She wears leather halter tops to the office, raps in her car, and downs chicken wings with the girls after work. In a way, she leads a double life: One as a responsible mother, wife, and lawyer; the other as a thrill-seeking force who likes to linger in gray areas and indulge her worst impulses.

The subject matter and tone of the show repeatedly fluctuate between serious and sexy, striking a satisfying balance. The former gives the series depth and substance, while the latter puts the guilt and pleasure in guilty pleasure. Thanks to a fine and fierce leading lady, a trio of smokin’ hot guys, complex relationship dynamics, and a rap and R&B-heavy soundtrack that doesn’t quit, Reasonable Doubt is one of 2022’s most seductive shows.