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"The View" concealed Carrie Ruling as "Pure Madness" and "Tone Def" in New York, the Supreme Court.

Viewdiscusses the Supreme Court's decision to extend the hidden carryin New York this morningAt that time, I worked on breaking news. York just after the decision was broken. In a heated conversation about the bill, the Panel reached a universal agreement that the expansion of Amended Article 2 is not good news for New York.

Whoopi Goldbergbegan the conversation, claiming that the Supreme Court had given him the "middle finger of New York."

"We've been trying to find a way to handle everything that's happening in this city, especially when it comes to gun control. What does this mean?" She asked. .. "We're telling people," Yes, you can come to the city and hide your weapons, and now the police have to figure out who has and who doesn't. "It's insane."

Ana Navarroquoted statistics that 45,222 Americans were killed by firearms in 2020, and made this decision "we live." I don't listen to the very American fashion and reality. "

"We're in a state where people had a mass shooting in an unsafe supermarket just a month ago," she said of a deadly mass shooting in Buffalo, NY. Mentioned. Killed 10 people. "We are like the pressure and anger of Americans (the majority of Americans) in American politics is finally seeing the bipartisan movement in the Senate on the drafting of a gun reform bill.

"This is an NRA (National Rifle Association) victory. The lawsuit was filed by the New York Nuclear Regulatory Commission," she continued.

Sunny Hostintook her own miserable view. I don't think she will pass. It will be challenged in court. The Supreme Court now states that "anytime, anywhere, anywhere, for self-defense reasons, you have the right to carry a gun."

Goldberg is a little optimistic, suggesting that "many people will feel it." Given everything the country is experiencing with guns, this is a failure. "I think people are now going back to court to figure out how to bring this challenge back," she added. "It's ridiculous."

Joy BeharHe broke the decision as "pure madness" before saying, "If I wanted to live in the state of gun culture, I would have moved to Texas." A strong applause arose from the audience ofThe View,filmed in New York City. The

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