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These are states where the right to abortion is protected even after the Supreme Court overturns the Roe v. Wade case.

This story is Roev. Updated to include the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Wade.

(CNN)The Supreme Court is Roev on Friday. Overturned Wade, but more than 12 states have passed ongoing legislation. To protect a woman's ability to access misunderstandings. According to an analysis by the

Guttmacher Institute, 22 states have enacted legislation restricting abortion, 13 of which have so-called"no triggers". Now that more and more Roe has been overthrown, an almost total ban on abortion will soon be enacted.

Still, there are 16 states that protect access to abortion under state law, guaranteeing the right to abort until a certain point during pregnancy, or protecting in 4 states and Washington DC. .. According to Guttmacher, you are entitled to any stage of pregnancy.

Some state officials have strengthened their commitment to provide shelter for those seeking abortion, and a potential influx of people seeking abortion from neighboring states with restrictive legislation. Preparing for.

These are the states that have legislation to protect the right to abortion during the post-low era.


The right to get a mischief in California is until the fetus is considered viable, and the steps to save the patient Protected if needed Life or Health,State Health and Safety Code
, Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom also, March, abortion Signed a law that removes some financial barriers to service. Under the law, insurers or health insurance plans are prohibited from requiring payment of deductions, joint insurance, or out-of-pocket expenses for abortion or abortion-related care. Thelaw appliesto plans issued after January 1, 2023. For patients with high deduction plans, the deduction must be met before the cost sharing ban applies.


Colorado Governor Jaredpolis, Democratic Party,signed thebill in April and "abrupted, its Make a decision on how to exercise your rights, "prohibiting public agencies from depriving people of their rights. The law does not define the time or stage of pregnancy, after which you will not be able to perform an abortion. The
law also states under state law that "fertilized eggs, embryos, or fetuses do not have independent or derivative rights."


The Connecticut Actprotects the right to abortionuntil the fetus is viable. After that, this procedure is only permitted to protect the life or health of the pregnant woman. Underages under the age of 16 should be counseled before agreeing to an abortion, except in medical emergencies.
Democratic Governor Neddramont also recently signed a billto protect abortion health care providers and out-of-state patients from traveling to the state for proceedings. I am aiming. In part, it prevents state agencies from supporting interstate investigations and prosecutions that hold civil or criminal responsibility for receiving or supporting abortions.

The law also allows those who "judged against them" to suffer legal damage from receiving or supporting an abortion.


Delaware allows doctors to legally end their pregnancy until the fetus is viable, after which the procedure is protected. Abortion is prohibited unless essential. Life and health of pregnant women. According to the Delaware Code, a care provider has detected "a fetal abnormality that has no reasonable possibility of sustained extrauterine survival without abnormal medical treatment". In some cases, post-survival abortion is permitted. 78}


In Hawaii, abortion is legal before the fetus is considered viable, andstate law isstate "survival". A woman's right to choose or obtain an impossible fetal abortion "or an abortion that protects the life or health of the patient.


In 2019, Illinoispassed a lawthat establishes basic rights to reproductive medicine, including abortion, and the fetus Points considered viable. Then, "The procedure is legally protected only if abortion is necessary to protect the life or health of the patient."
Under the law, fertilized eggs, embryos or The fetal does not protect the rights of the individual.

The law also requires a health insurance plan that provides pregnancy-related coverage, and also provides coverage for abortion, and the out-of-pocket costs of abortion are pregnancy care under the same plan. It stipulates that it cannot be higher than the cost of.


Abortionis legal atuntil the fetus is considered viable, but {106 for minors } There is an additional limit. Post-survival abortion is legal if the life or health of a pregnant person is at stake.
However, if the abortion procedure results in childbirth,law requires that all reasonable efforts be made to save the life of the baby. Or, according to the main health and welfare decree, "False Parties to the Main Act, which provides for civil liability for murder, slaughter, and illegal death and medical care."
In addition to the existing legislation to protect pre-survival miscarriage, Maine passed two legislations in 2019with a doctor's assistant and certain advanced training. The nurse performed the procedure and requested a health insurance plan. It covers pregnancy care and also covers misunderstandings.


In Maryland, abortion must be performed by a qualified doctor and is legal until the fetus is considered viable. Is protected by. After the viability is determined, according tostate health, if it protects the life or health of a pregnant person, or the fetus is "affected by a genetic defect or severe deformation or abnormality". Only in case can an abortion be offered Code
In April, a general meeting managed by the Democratic Party of Marylandwas rejected by Republican Governor Larry HoganHas passed a bill that overturns and expands the variety of medical professionals that can be implemented. Set up programs to train and diversify abortions and abortion providers. The bill came into force on July 1 and also requires most health insurance companies to cover abortion services.


Massachusetts amended state lawin 2020 to allow up to 24 weeks of mischief. The procedure can be performed by a doctor, assistant doctor, nurse, or nurse's midwife. If the pregnancy reaches more than 24 weeks, the law allows only doctors to carry out abortions to save the patient's life or to protect their mental or physical health. Exceptions are also provided if "fatal fetal abnormalities" are detected or if "the fetal is incompatible with sustained life outside the womb".The law states


. 144}
At the 1990 General Election Reference, Nevada voters approved a law allowing doctors to perform abortions up to 24 weeks of gestation. The decree was approved by a referendum and cannot be changed by law revisions or appeals according to thestate amendment decree

After 24 weeks, the abortion will only be carried out for preservation. You can live and be healthy of pregnant women. The law states that if the doctor believes that the fetus can survive outside the womb, the abortion must be done in a licensed hospital.

New Jersey

The right to abortion is protected at all stages of New Jersey's pregnancy. Thebill, which was signed in January, codified the right to reproductive choices, including abortion in the state.

New York

New York Stateis Roe v. A law was passed in 2019 to maintain access to abortion if Wade was beaten Under the law, abortion could be legal for some reason up to 24 weeks of gestation, It can then be done if the fetus becomes unsurvivable or if the life or health of the patient is compromised.
The 2019 Actalso removed abortion from state criminal law and prevented medical providers from being criminally prosecuted for providing abortion.


In 2017, Oregonlegislators said public agencies could not deprive people of their choice to be aborted. Passed. Or interfere with the medical professional who provides the service. The law does not define the time or period during which an abortion can be carried out longer.

Also, the health insurance plans offered in the state required that, with a few religious exceptions, compensation for abortion services must be provided.

Road Island

Road Island was the state's when Governorsigned a billto ban state restrictions in 2019. Pre-fetal abortions codified with abortion protection are considered feasible and post-feasible procedures are prohibited unless the patient's health or life is at stake.

The bill also abolished measures requiring healthcare providers to notify the husbands of married women before proceeding.


Vermontsays that in 2019recognized"the basic rights of all individuals to become pregnant" Passed the lawPerforming an abortion and prohibiting government agencies from infringing on their rights. The law does not limit abortion at any time during pregnancy.


Washington's 1991 general election voters declare the right of women to undergo abortion before the fetus is considered viable. , Has narrowly approved measures to provide exceptions. The procedure protects the life or health of a woman.

In March, the state legislatureamended the wording of the lawto ensure access to fertility, including mischief, regardless of gender identity, and the law is transgender. And now applies to non-binaries. Man. The new law will come into effect on June 9. The
state also requires that if thestate-regulated health plans (including college student plans) also cover pregnancy services, they will cover abortion services.

Washington DC

The right to abortion at any stage of pregnancy is protected by Washington DC law. Thelaw prohibits the district from denying or obstructing the right of those who choose to undergo an abortion, and does not place restrictions on protection beyond certain stages of pregnancy.