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These horses, chickens and piglets live inside their owners' luxurious homes

When Pamela Breece says she has an open door policy, she really means it.

All animals on her 4-acre farm in Phoenix, Arizona — 4 1,000-pound horses, 2 small horses, 2 dogs, 25 chickens, 2 Including a piglet — is welcomed into her stylish home. 

The illustrator's Instagram shows a horse chomping watermelon in the kitchen, cuddling in the living room, and a piglet lounging on the rug in her dining room. The situation is in the picture.

It all started with Charlie, a blue-eyed Mustang whom Brice rescued six years before her. She had just finished riding him in the green meadow behind the house when the doorbell rang. She ran to see who was there, but she didn't realize Charlie was following her.

Charlie, now 11, has been finding his way into Breece's home since she adopted him.
Courtesy of Pamela Breece

House. "From that day on, he knew how to get into the house," she told the Post. "I thought this was crazy, but if he wants to get in, he can."

About two years ago, Breece adopted two newborn mini-horses, Mac and Lucy, from a nearby farm, temporarily adopting their mother until the babies were weaned.

"They all slept in the stall next to Charlie in the stable," she recalled. When the mothers finally got home, "Mini had a crush on Charlie. He's like their dad.

So Charlie, now 11, was inside When they came in, they came in.

Breece said the first thing Charlie does at home is "go to the kitchen for a snack." He finds out that I keep apples, carrots and watermelons in my fridge, so he hangs out around the fridge waiting for me to open it up and give him something to eat.

He also loves spending time with his dogs Henry and Rocky in his bedroom. "Charlie especially loves to play with my bedding and rugs. He pulls everything together with his hooves and nose and then moves on," Brees said.

There are no off-limits rooms, but horses and pigs — "It's about my ankles," said Breece — Kitchen, two living rooms , to the ground floor, which contains Breece's bedroom and her office.

Breece's daughter Macy often feeds the horses their favorite treat, watermelon — even in the kitchen.
Courtesy of Pamela Breeth
Charlie and his rescue mutt pal Henry like to lounge in Breece's cozy bedroom.
Courtesy of Pamela Breece

Her other horses — Allie, Duke, Harley — are also welcome indoors, but tend to prefer spending time outdoors there is.

However, horses aren't the only animals Breethe is good at. She shares the home with her 19-year-old daughter, Macy, and has chickens, dogs, and piglets, all under protection.

"People don't usually take her two pigs from local rescues, but Penelope and Poppy are a bonded pair and I couldn't separate them." A brother who lives in her home office. "I've had all kinds of animals, but I don't think there's anything easier than miniature pigs. They're amazing."

The horse often wanders into the kitchen, looking for a snack.
66} Courtesy of Pamela Breece
Penelope and Poppy, piglet siblings rescued from a shelter.
Courtesy of Pamela Breece

Example: She trained her children to use the toilet the day they moved into the house.

And of course, people always ask about animals in her bathroom.

"They are actually very clean and tidy," said Brees. "In the six years that Charlie has been in and out of the house, there have only been two accidents. I blame myself for that."

In addition to working as an illustrator who has designed work for horse-focused brands such as Ariat and Rebecca Ray Designs, Breece also runs an equestrian equipment company Pony Macaroniruns stationery and stickers to pants and t-shirts in her home studio.

``I grew up riding horses. and to add fun," she said. “My goal with Pony Macaroni, apart from making them beautiful, was to offer riders an affordable price.”

Poppy the piglet
Courtesy of Pamela Breece

Breece noted that working from home makes it easier to care for all her animals — and her did not even rule out adopting. It's really hard to say no when you have an animal with you," Breece said. "Since I am here and have this property, I feel that I can always help an animal that really needs it.