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These US companies are paying for the travel expenses of the abortion

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Following the Supreme Court's decisionRoev. Overturning Wade, large companies, including Procter & Gamble and Target, are adding abortion travel expenses to employee benefits. 

The goal is to allow employees to seek abortion care if they live in a state where the procedure is now or soon to be illegal. According to the Guttmacher Institute, which studies reproductive problems, about 26 states in the United States quicklyafter the groundbreaking ruling in 1973 was overturned. } Expected to ban abortion.

Earlier this year, corporate streamannounced abortion travel insuranceafter states, including Texas, introduced restrictive abortion legislation. But following the Supreme Court's ruling on Friday, more companies follow, and dozens of companies representing millions of workers are in case their employees need abortion treatment. I promise to cover the travel expenses. 

On Tuesday, ISP&gambling is The new travel policy is 50 miles in radius Care from less than one provider is not accessible and will take effect on January 1st. The conglomerate, which manufactures household items such as Pampers and tides, employs 26,000 people in the United States and is based in Ohio. Abortion prohibited. 

Target said in a Monday memo that it would reimburse approximately 450,000 US workers for travel expenses related to eligible medical procedures that are not available nearby after July. Discount stores operate approximately 2,000 stores nationwide. 

Here's an overview of other companies with expanded coverage:

Amazon. com

E-commerce giant — hires 1.6 million workers — said he will reimburse up to $ 4,000 for abortion. An Amazon spokeswoman emailed CBS MoneyWatch, "Amazon travels and travels to cover travel in many life-threatening situations if the provider is not within 100 miles of the employee's home. We have expanded the benefits of accommodation. "

Bank of America

The second largest bank in the United States has said it will cover the travel expenses of employees who need to leave the state to receive reproductive services, including abortion. 


September dating app company to help organizations that support reproductive rights after TexasHe said he had set up a fund. Bumble's home state — has banned abortionsix weeks after pregnancy. 


After several states enacted restrictive assisted reproductive technology legislation, banks added travel benefits to their workplace offerings. "Since 2022, we have been offering travel benefits to facilitate access to the right resources," Citigroup said in its March 15 regulation filing . I am saying.

CVS Health 

Drugstore chains are reportedlyproviding out-of-state medical care available to employees, including abortion. I have. 

Dick's Sporting Goods

After the Supreme Court ruling, retailerssaid they would reimburse $ 4,000 for abortion travel. I did. "To the nearest place where care is legally available" for the worker, her spouse and her dependents. 

Estee Lauder 

Cosmetics companysaid earlier this month, traveling and staying for assisted reproductive technology in the United States from August. Will be covered.

Goldman Sachs Group 

Banks reportedlyare US-based employees who need to leave the state to confirm abortion or gender. I will bear the travel expenses of the staff. Care, from July 1st. 

Hewlett Packard 

The company isamong the companies that cover medical travel expensesthat are not available at workers' homes. state. 

JP Morgan Chase

Last week, the largest US bank announced that it would cover the tab of travel to states where abortion is legal from July.


Ohio-based grocery store is, the largest to cover trips to a variety of medical procedures, including abortion and fertility treatment. We are offering $ 4,000

Match Group 

Dallas-based company CEO SharDubey founded thefund in 2021To help one of the company's Texas workers who may need to travel out of state for an abortion. 


"We will continue to provide access to the same healthcare available today, wherever our employees live." A MasterCard spokeswoman said in an email. Itscontains family planning 


Facebook and Instagram owners "The" legally permitted range "for those who need access to out-of-state medical and reproductive services. 


Technology companies will expand their financial support for "critical health care", including abortion, to cover the travel costs of such procedures. Did. 


CBS News owner Media Conglomerate emails employees after a Supreme Court decision to legalize the company He said he would bear the travel expenses. abortion. 


Outdoor apparel company, covers the cost of medical insurance for full-time and part-time workers I said. Includes abortion care. "If there are restrictions, travel, accommodation and meals will be covered," the company said. He also vowed to cover "training and bail for those who peacefully protest reproductive justice."


Remittance companies may find a law prohibiting post-heartbeat abortion by the Texas Supreme Court. This can occur within 6 weeks of pregnancy. 


September CEO Marc Benioff has a software company as an employee Said to support. He wanted to leave Texas due to the state's abortion restrictions.


May coffee shop chaintakes out existing medical insurance to cover the cost of those who do not have access to abortion within100 miles of home that said it would expand. 


The ride-hailing service company pays for travel expenses for employees to access medical services and for drivers to provide transportation to the clinic. Said to bear the legal costs of. 

Walt Disney 

Friday theme park operator promised to cover "family planning" travel expensesFor employees who do not have access to care at their place of residence, including "pregnancy-related decisions". Disney employs 195,000 people.


May company hasto US employees who need to travel for assisted reproductive technology, including abortion. Announced that it will offer up to $ 3,000 a year. 


Real estate sites need significant travel to renew health insurance and access medical care, including reproduction, as of June 1st We've made it possible to refund employees up to $ 7,500 each time. Care to confirm service or gender. 

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