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This food emoji puzzle has puzzled many players, can it be solved in 20 seconds?

This new lunch emoji-themed Brain Buster is confusing to spectators. The

puzzle asks the player to solve the equation, using the answers to the other three questions asked for you.

The vegetable illusion that first surfaced on TikTok was posted by user@ puzzlegame21.

The first math problem shows that three taco emojis are added to be equal to 60.

The second formula shows that the amount of three salad emojis is 30.

The third line shows a total of 24 cucumber emojis added to each other.

The final equation is left for the viewer to solve and must be answered within 20 seconds to show the smart pants look. The

puzzle wants one to determine the value of each emoji and needs to use the previous equation to get the answer.

[Warning: The following spoilers]

The last line asks: "[Taco Emoji] + [Cucumber Emoji] x [Salad Emoji] ] = ??

Since the first two equations use only addition, the player can assume that the last puzzle also uses addition. The answer is 38 because the number of tacos is 20, the value of the salad is 10, and the value of the cucumber is 8.

However, this is because the multiplication symbol is placed in the calculation. Is not correct.

Continue scrolling to find the answer.

 's answer to the math problem is 100.

How do you get there? First you need to multiply the value of cucumber (8) and salad (10) (which will be 80), then add the value of tacos (20) to it

Can you solve this salad emoji puzzle in 20 seconds?
Did you understand?

Therefore, according to the equationPEMDAS, the total is 20 + (10). You can read x 8), or 20 + 80 = 100.

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