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This heated smart bidet can reduce TP consumption by 80%

Aim to Wash! Smart Toilet Seat

Ready to get a littletoo cozyon the toilet bowl? The bathroom is where we spend a decent time every day, so it may be time to have a fun experience in the bathroom. Aiming to wash! Not only does the smart toilet seat help you relax in the toilet with a heated luxury, but it also helps the environment and budget byhelping to reduce the amount of toilet paper used. And now, on the July 4th sale, you can use the coupon codeBIDETto score at $ 169.15, which is almost half the regular price, before July 5th.

Use the toilet and have a luxurious experience with Aim to Wash! Upgrade smart toilet seats, basic toilet seats and save money in the process.

Aim to wash! Smart toilet seat, $ 200, original price: $ 300

Aim to Wash! Smart Toilet Seat

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3 million in the US alone More than a ton of toilet paper is flushed to the drain every year. In other words, more than 54 million trees need to be cut down in the process. Enjoy dual nozzles that help save trees and rinse them with warm water. The tankless design is a convenient design that can supply an infinite amount of hot water, and the bidet function can reduce the consumption of toilet paper by 80%.

This low maintenance toilet seat has a self-cleaning nozzle before and after use, and can be used with a simple one-knob operation. Choose from clear cleansing, feminine front wash, or hair dryer activation. You can also adjust the temperature of the water and seat with one button control. The seat remains toast, so you don't have to sit on a cold one.

Happy customer Angela is Aimto Wash! Acclaimed about, saying: This product is easy to install and certainly smart — it works as advertised. 

Act fast and aim to wash! The smart toilet seatis $ 169.15 today and will end on July 5th with coupon codeBIDET.

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