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Let's work on the revival of the American dream on July 4th of this year

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The July 4th holiday brings out the best in America. Americans gather to honor the signature of theDeclaration of Independencein 1776, pay homage to the Star-Spangled Banner, and reflect the values ​​our country represents. 

When celebrating Independence Anniversary, the sacrifices of my family, the achievements this country has made for people like me, and the fulfillment of dreams for future generations. Think about the need to keep fighting. 

As an immigrant who legally came here as a young girl, I could graduate from school, build a career, raise a family, and serve my community in thehouse. I was able to do it. Representativeserved as one of the first Korean-American women. 

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I live in an American dream and am proud to be American every day. My story is about so many Americans working hard to make their dreams come true and spreading them throughout the American community. But I'm worried that it may be difficult for my children, grandchildren, and your children to fulfill their American promises.

This year's Independence Day celebration has affected all Americans and is against the backdrop of a non-negligible national economic, energy and security crisis. Unfortunately, theBiden administrationcontinues to shift responsibility for these issues and is actively pursuing policies that exacerbate them. 

When neighbors get together, families are plagued by rising prices for everything from backyard barbecue food to car fuel. According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, supply chain disruptions and continued inflation will increase the average cost of cookouts on July 4 by 17% compared to a year ago. 

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Americans face the highest inflation in 40 years And Americans live from salary to salary, Biden administration officials call inflation a temporary, upper-class problem. 

American flag

At this point last year, the White House had a potential $ 0.16 At Cook Out, which was proud of the savings. To make matters worse, the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco shows that the Biden administration's $ 1.9 trillion COVID-19 bailout package, of which only 9% provided COVID-19 bailouts, caused inflation. .. The solution to the Biden administration's problems seems to be to invest money in them. President Biden and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosido not seem to understand that our country is facing supply issues, not demand. 

Gas prices are also about $ 5 per gallon on average nationwide, which is more than $ 1 higher in theCalifornia community I represent. Pump pain is real for all Americans and becomes even more apparent when the family is preparing for a weekend trip on July 4th.

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The Biden administration is despite rising gas prices , These high gas prices are called "Putin's price increase". Rise before Putin invaded Ukraine. 

The government has also repeatedly held oil companies accountable and called on them to suspend the federal gas tax of $ 0.18 per gallon. In the meantime, we have aggressively terminated leasing to help increase energy production, reduce costs and reduce costs. Emissions. Unfortunately, the administration is seeking energy resources from the authoritarian regime and the oil cartel OPEC, which makes us dependent on their energy supply. 

In addition, the community faces growing public security concerns and a worsening crisis at our southern border. Over the past 15 months, more than 150,000 migrants have illegally invaded the bordereach month, with 239,416 crossings last month alone. This is the most on record. Border crises endanger our communities, threaten our border guards and CBP officers at the forefront, undermine legitimate migrants who have been waiting their turn for years, and smuggle humans and drugs. Bold criminal organizations that exploit immigrants for their activities. 

The Biden administration's policies have contributed to this crisis. In the first 100 days after his inauguration, the president took 94 enforcement actions on immigrants, discontinued paid border wall and border technology projects, and succeeded in immigration protection protocols and titles known as "Stay in Mexico." The policy is over. Restricting illegal crossings and border guards helped prevent overcrowding of facilities42.

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Strong and secure for continued American independence We need a thriving community in the United States. Americans are fed up with blame games and urgent problems require urgent action. The Biden administration needs to come to the table to recognize and deal with the crisis posed under their supervision. That way, we can improve the lives of Americans and get our country back on track. 

Despite these challenges, I have hope for the future of our country. why. Because I and many other proud Americans were able to live our American dream. Let us all promise to restore it on July 4th of this year. Dreams can stay alive, but we have to fight for it.

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Republican Rep. Young Kim represents California's 39th Parliamentary District.